Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Elise enjoying field day at school.

Elise wrote me a note to make me feel better when my allergies were killing me.
Elise wearing Carter's graduation cap.
Carter's kindergarten graduation.

We never got a picture of Carter because he kept getting photobombed.
Elise enjoying a picnic on the last day of school.

Charlee was nervous so Elise went up with her.

Tesla was super worn out from her weekend so she stayed in bed late.
With the boy I babysat all through high school and college after his high school graduation.

Elise creeping on Charlee at her birthday party.
Making fruit and yogurt parfaits.

Tesla loved the teepee I set up while we were playing school.
Painting with marshmallows.

We had to get the kids out of bed and into the tornado shelter on Monday night.
Then we were in the tornado shelter again at 6am Tuesday morning.
Friends came over to play and we painted with marshmallows.

We also did yoga.

Picnic lunch in the living room.
Elise got bored and sat in the stroller for a while.

Field day at school.

Elise took this picture while sitting in the stroller.
Carter getting his yearbook signed.
Elise in the library while I volunteered.
Carter with his face painted.

In the tornado shelter again.

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