Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Carter fell out of bed one night and I found him sleeping on his floor the next morning.
Elise fell in a mud puddle while running to catch up with the ice cream truck.
Talking about shadows with my class.
Painting with ice cubes at school.
Elise's questionnaire she filled out at school.
Elise woke up right after Ty left so the kids ran out to tell him good bye.
Elise trying out the leftover ice paints.

Volunteering in Carter's class for a special science activity day.
Elise painting with sunscreen.
Elise took a picture on my phone.
After spending her morning at school and her afternoon in Carter's classroom volunteering, she was tired!
We got to meet baby Logan!

Elise wanted to wear one of Addison's bows.
Sweet baby Logan!

Elise wanted to hold Logan.

Carter loved that Logan held his finger.

Hugging good bye.
Elise tried to pick Addison up and this was the next picture.

Ty enjoying his new blanket my mom made for him.
Elise playing in the tent I set up in my classroom before school.

Elise ready for water play day in her class.

Elise having pretend make up put on by a friend.

Elise riding home from the library.
Elise made a bed on her floor to lay with Tesla and look at books.

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