Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Gma playing with the kids at the indoor play place.

The kids were so excited to see Wyatt!

Gma found an Ariel costume at a garage sale.
We folded napkins into hearts when we set the table. Wyatt was super proud of his wadded up napkin.

Elise took some pictures of me holding Kinley.

Elise knocking on the Hall of Paul.

Picking Papa's strawberries.

The boys wanted to sit up at the front of the train.

Elise didn't want to sit in the front.

She was worried it was going to be loud.

Kinley leaned back to peek at me and laid her head on my arm.
Searching for a time capsule they buried a long time ago.

Post run at Shawnee Lake.


  1. Carter sure liked to take care of Wyatt. Muffin sure is good with the kids.