Monday, July 31, 2017

31st Year List

I lucked out with my birthday on a Saturday this year. That meant not only did I get to spend the entire day with Carter and Elise, I also got to spend it with my sweet Ty! I woke up with a message on my phone from Ty saying breakfast was in the oven and I discovered a dozen assorted Krispy Kreme doughnuts! One of the best parts of the day was that Elise kept randomly singing me "Happy Birthday!" After Ty's morning long run with his training group we headed out to Keystone State Park located less than 30 miles from us. We went for a hike on a one mile trail there and then swam at the lake's swimming beach before eating a picnic lunch and heading home. We went swimming earlier in the week with Jake and Carter loved borrowing Jake's goggles so I took him and Elise shopping on Friday to pick out goggles of their own. Carter enjoyed trying them out at the lake. After getting the kids down for naps I headed out for my short, easy run and when I got back mom and dad were here to celebrate my birthday. They decorated while I was running so I came home to streamers on the front door which was a lot of fun. Jeremy and Thomas came over for dinner. Mom made the meal I always asked for on my birthday as a kid as it is a favorite, oven baked ranch chicken, along with awesome sides! Ty made me an Oreo poke cake which was delicious. It was a wonderful day spent doing things I enjoy with the people I love! I think 31 is going to be a wonderful year! I told everyone my birthday this year beat last year since I didn't end up with puke in my hair, read about that here. Read about my 29th birthday here and my 27th birthday here.

Last year I decided to make a list of 30 things to accomplish during my 30th year, you can read about how I did here. I enjoyed completing things on the list and it definitely gave me motivation to do some things I had wanted to do but just didn't make time for. This year, during my 31st year, I'd like to read at least one book every month again. I'm going to up the ante a little bit and shoot for 31 books during my 31st year. That's definitely do-able since I read 35 books last year, but I had to do 31 for my 31st year. Last year was also the first time in a few years that I sent out Christmas cards so I'm keeping that on the list because I'd like to do it again. I'm also going to finish up on the things I didn't complete last year. I was on and off with strength training last year. I'd be really good for a few months at a time and then take a long period of time off before resuming again. I'd like to do better with that this year. Our trip to Keystone State Park inspired me to start a fun challenge for us to complete as a family, look for more on that to come.

1. Read at least one book each month. 
2. Stick with strength training.
3. Get professional family photos done.
4. Send out a Christmas card this year. 
5. Work on and get Elise's baby book up-to-date.
6. Finish my Belly Book from Elise's pregnancy, I just need to order and add pictures.
7. Find and then finish Carter's baby book.
8. Last year I had make a photo book from Elise's birth and newborn photos on my list. I completed it and now I want to make photo books for her first 6 months and then 7-12 months so she has the same photobooks Carter has.
9. Paint the outside of our house.


  1. I love your lists and this is such a neat idea! I might steal it because I love making lists and checking things off of them, hah.

    1. It's nice to check things off, isn't it?

    2. Your list sounds doable. I remember Morgan telling us she was going to do 12 5ks in 2012, and we thought that was such a good idea. Look at what we do now! And, Elise has such a sweet singing voice.

    3. I love lists! I can say I'm going to do something a million times but it doesn't happen until it's on a list! 30 things was a lot but I got 25 of them done. Now I just need to finish up those last few things!

    4. I forgot about that 12 5ks in 2012! That started something really fun!

    5. Oh, and Sara, I like this so much more than resolutions. I feel like I'm way more likely to do things on a list than to stick with something I resolve to do as is evidenced with my "stick with strength training" on this list, haha!

    6. I am exactly like you with lists. I'm impressed that you did almost all of the 30 things, because that is a lot! I think that sticking with strength training is a serious challenge for almost all runners; I tried and failed for over 20 years before I found a way to stick to it (and I'm not exaggerating -- from when I started competing seriously in 1993 through 2014!).

    7. Well, hopefully this time I'll actually stick with it!