Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

We enjoyed bowling with our Kids Bowl Free coupons.
Thomas bowled while holding Elise all the way up until the 10th frame. He even got a few strikes too!
Elise was pretty clingy and wanted Thomas to hold her even when she was bowling.
Elise was winning for a while.
Then Elise won 1,200 tickets off a free game card with 4 free plays they gave us. The rest of the kids won 30 tickets or less!
Climbing into a military truck at a Touch-a-Truck event.
Elise got dressed and insisted on wearing Carter's mismatched socks.
Free ice cream at McDonald's and then Play Place fun.
Elise had so much fun she fell asleep on the way home.
Doughnuts for breakfast on my birthday.
Ready to hike at Keystone State Park for my birthday.
Swimming at the lake was a huge hit!
Picnic lunch before going home.
Playing with their new goggles in the bathtub.

My delicious Oreo poke cake Ty made for my birthday.
Trying out an aquatic center near Ty's work.
Taking a break.
Elise and her friend were having a blast dumping water on each other.
Popcorn and a movie while still in jammies on a rainy morning was so much fun!
Splashing in puddles once the rain cleared.
The boots don't keep you dry when you fall face first into the puddle...
Came out from putting Elise down for a nap and Carter was drawing pictures while sitting outside Elise's room with his trusty companion, Harper.
This big girl wore panties all day yesterday with only one accident!
So she got to go pick out some more big girl undies.
Playing at the library.


  1. I heard her boots sloshing. :) I saw her fruit rainbow, too.

  2. Carter looked like he picked up Tom's bowling style.

    1. He likes to get a running start, it's hilarious!