Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Popcorn, sleeping bags, and a movie. What more could you want?!
Took the tractor to drive on the paved trails.
Off roading at the playground.
Elise always wears her sunglasses on her head!
Elise drew on her face while I was in the bathroom.
I picked out a stack of books our librarian had set out on colors. Carter saw it and said, "Ms. Tanzy got me a present?!" It was so cute.
Painting their news with new polish from Oma and Opa.
Showing off his nails.
He made color patterns on each hand and then painted over them. Notice he didn't paint his left thumb so he could suck it at bedtime, haha!
Elise already peeling her polish off.
I was smart and made them strip down to paint their nails this time!
Taking the tractor out while walking Harper.
Waving to a fire truck that drove by.
Carter put his arm around Elise put she didn't like it there so he moved it.
We took the bumpers off Carter's bed and he was so excited to be a big boy!
Jake and Elise and perfect friends. Their motto is: play a little, snack a lot, haha!

Pictures from Elise's update photo shoot, 2 years and 4 month old.


  1. Should we take the guards off the bed here? What a big boy! I like seeing Elise run into the kitchen to get something. haha I'll have to get some more nail polish for you to take to Topeka. I thought the kids would let Leina put on the jewels, if Elise wanted to polish her nails by herself. :)

    1. I'll see what Ty thinks about taking them off there. He actually sleeps normally in the bed at your house instead of sideways like he does at home.