Monday, July 24, 2017

Funny Stuff the Kids Say


"Opa, please don't cry when I'm gone because I'll be having a happy day." said when we were leaving their house to drive to Gma and Gpa's house.

Carter: I'm glad daddy's not here.
Thomas: Why?
Carter: I don't like boys.
Thomas: Don't you like me and Uncie J?
Carter: Yeah, I like boys I know but I like all girls, even girls I don't know.

"Elise, can you do me a flavor?"

"This tastes raw! Don't let Elise eat that it's raw!" meaning rotten

"It's great we're going to play and then to the race later because I'm going to get more steps!" taps on Fitbit bracelet my mom gave him that doesn't actually have a Fitbit in it. "I still don't have any steps!"

"My favorite sport is tennis ball."

Carter likes to pick out his own clothes and does so pretty much every morning. He cracks me up because he almost always puts on long pants or a long shirt. If he's wearing shorts, he's wearing his tall socks. He'll ask me if it's cold outside and then gets bummed out when I tell him it's still hot. Often times he doesn't want to change or says he'll wait to change when we leave the house. 
Carter loves his tall socks meant to go with boots.

"Hey, I ang!" said with an angry face, meaning she was angry.

Elise wanted to take her baby in a stroller during our walk. When we got to where the sidewalk ended and we had to walk in the grass, she said, "Here Carty, your turn."
Before abandoning her baby on rougher terrain.

On our walk Elise said she wanted milk. When we got home I sat down and she looked at me and said, "I want milk! I told you milk!"

Ty brought doughnuts home from work one day and showed the kids before dinner, telling them they could have a doughnut if they ate a good dinner. Elise would not stop talking about her "do-nuh" and had no interest in eating her food because she just wanted her doughnut. She even came over and sat on my lap, scraped her food onto my plate, and tried to feed me her food off her fork so she wouldn't have any food left and in her mind could eat her doughnut! She was saying, "Here mommy, eat! Mmmmm, good! Look here, look at the corn. Mmmm, good!"


  1. All hilarious! And Carter sounds like Thomas with clothes. He always wanted to wear shorts in the winter and sweats in the summer. I guess he was rushing seasons.

    1. Yep, that's exactly it! He always wants whatever weather we don't have!

  2. I about died laughing at Carter's comments about not having Fitbit steps!!

    1. It was so cute! I had to turn away so he wouldn't see me laughing because I knew he wouldn't understand why I was laughing.