Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Carter got dressed by himself and put together this gem!
Searching for the "tiangle".
We happened to be walking past the Disney Store right as they were getting ready to open so Carter got to help them open the store with his magic.
They hadn't seen Uncie Taco in a while...
Carter set up an art museum while I was putting Elise down for a nap.
This is what happens when the dogs claim the front seat but I have to move up because I get car sick.

All the dogs interested in Jeremy's snack.
50 cent Frosty, baby!
Creating their flags that came in their kid meal.
Carter loved The Pigeon activity book from the Kohls Cares for Kids section.
He happily worked in his activity book for over an hour.

Helping out during our Meals on Wheels route. Elise likes helping pull out the sacks and it's great practice with color recognition since they are color coded based on diet.
Elise's first time actually carrying a delivery to the door, normally I carry her.
Carter had a great idea for unloading the Aldi groceries!
The dentists during a special reading time demonstrating flossing with the kids as teeth.
Playing with shaving foam.
Elise got so messy she had to take a bath.
Walking to the playground. Elise decided to take her baby.
Ty was trying out the camera before we took our anniversary pictures.
This would have been one of my favorite pictures if it weren't for Carter's face!
The sun was in his eyes and he was pretty upset about it!


  1. The picture of Carter looking up at you as you walk at the mall is adorable. And,... between cleaning up the back yard and the couch, I realized Fezzik ate your number 6 candle.

    1. He asked me to take that picture too! Oh well, those things are cheap and it was a 9 anyway, haha!