Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Elise's 2nd Birthday Letters from Mommy and Daddy


My sweet Elisey girl, you are 2 years old! You are a full on toddler now and bring so much joy to our lives. You are sweet and sassy and know just what you want pretty much all of the time. You very authoritatively yell "NO!" to almost any question we ask you. It is hard to believe that you were just starting to walk a year ago. Now you run pretty much everywhere, often times spending part of the time on your tippy toes. You want to do pretty much everything your brother does so you are always climbing something or jumping on something! You are definitely athletic and love to be active. So much so that you barely sit still for one book to be read to you. When you first wake up from a nap or in the morning is pretty much the only time you are snuggly. Other than that you want to be down and moving! You love to shower with me and always stand right by me with your sweet little arm wrapped around my leg and your hand resting on me. I love that you like to be near me! I also like when you shower with me in the morning because it really makes your curls pop during the day. Your hair has really grown in the past year and I love how you have a mop of curls on your head. It is the sweetest thing to see your hair bouncing around as you run. You now have enough hair for pig tails but aren't too fond of wearing them. Man, you look cute though!

This past year has been a wonderful year with you. Carter started going to school two days a week so I've had some special one-on-one time with you on those days. It is fun to see you explore without him there. You are definitely more cautious without your big brother beside you! One of my favorite things right now is your love for your "babies" as you call them. They are stuffed animals. Your very favorite is an otter who you call "Otta". You also like your Teddy, Sharky, and Pandy. You have also become attached to a blanket my mom helped me make when I was little and I love that! Something else I have loved to watch is how your friendships have grown this past year. You have gone from side by side play with friends to actively searching out your friends and calling them by name to come play with you. You are very sweet and nurturing, trying to help them as well as your brother. I love it when Carter falls and you very sweetly attempt to pick him back up. You have such a sweet nature underneath all your assertiveness. You care for your babies, covering them up when you are afraid they are cold and holding them close. Another fond memory of this year is how you love to put clothes on. You are always pulling my dirty clothes out of the hamper and putting them on. You also love shoes and are constantly putting them on. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you immediately shout, "sockies, shooooooes," because you want me to put them on you right when I get you out of your crib.

We have really enjoyed spending the last 2 years with you and look forward to watching you grow and become even more opinionated and assertive. I love you so much, sister! Thank you for being you!



The big 2! You are such a sweet little girl with a big personality! So much fun to be around, you are the light in your mother and my eyes. Sometimes brazen and wild, sometimes shy and reserved. It seems like you were only a baby yesterday, you sure have grown up fast!

You are talking up a storm and will always repeat anything and everything that your brother says. I love hearing him teach you new words or phrases. You learn it all so fast, and often times so well it is easy for us to know what you want.

Right now it is a safe bet to assume that you want fruit snacks, or fruities as you call them. You can be very stubborn and demanding when it comes to fruities! And for a little girl who loves her socks and shoes, you also love to take them off in the car and toss them over your car seat.

You are so much fun to be around and I cannot wait to spend this next year with you sweetie!

Love Dad!

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