Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Enjoying the new sea turtle exhibit at the aquarium.
Elise's first time feeding the turtles at the aquarium.
Elise's concentration in this picture cracks me up!
Carter trying out my foam roller.
Elise enjoying Museum Babies at the art museum.
I love the contrast of her blue eyes with the pink!
I got to Carter's school to pick him up and saw him walking with his teacher and friends.
Elise decided to "paint" her nails again.
Trying out a new swing they'll be putting in at the park.
Carter's friend reading to him.
Elise after "painting" her nails.

We couldn't find Carter's helmet and he tried to convince me this hat would work.

Elise passed out at bedtime, lol!
Elise holding hands with Opa in the car.
Playing with road tape my mom found for the kids.
Carter borrowed Opa's ice because he bumped his head.

Elise wanted to sleep under the blanket my mom brought that I had helped make when I was little.
Everyone wanted to sit with Uncie J.
Elise decided to accessorize her outfit with my dirty running clothes and a fart noise maker.
Carter was so proud of what he built.
Meeting Splat the Cat.
Elise finally leaving pig tails in!
3 hours of pig tails and still going strong!

That's a big slice of pizza for a little girl!
Elise has been very attached to "Otta" as she calls the otter.
Snuggling otter at naptime.
Ironwoman likes to read in the nude, she even took her diaper off by herself.

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