Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

This week's post won't be quite as wordless and filled with pictures as usual. Sunday morning while I was in Elise's room picking out clothes for her to wear, she snatched my phone and then threw it in the toilet. I had a LifeProof case so I wasn't too worried. I removed my phone from the case, dried it off, and threw it in a Ziploc bag full of rice. Later when I went to check on it, assuming it was fine, it was really hot to the touch and wouldn't turn on. That was disconcerting, but so many people had told me they put their phones in rice and it worked like a charm. When it still wouldn't turn on Monday evening, Ty took it to work on Tuesday for their resident iphone expert to take a look at it. Apparently there was a small puncture in the plastic cover part of my LifeProof case where it covers the camera lens of my phone. Water got in there and pooled up around the processor, pretty much immediately frying it. I'm guessing that's why my phone felt warm. Thanks to Wordless Wednesday, I am in a great habit of uploading all my pictures every Wednesday, so I only lost my pictures from Thursday to Sunday and then had no way to take pictures on Monday and Tuesday (which was a bummer because Elise and I went to the aquarium on Tuesday while Carter was at school and the sea turtle came right over to see us). I did use our fancy camera when we were at home but didn't want to take it out and about. Most the time I missed the moment when I tried to use it because our autofocus is broken so I'd have to get focused before I could snap a picture and most the time, the kids had moved. I was the most bummed about losing pictures from our trip to the zoo on Saturday. Thankfully my mom saved the day, texting me the pictures I had sent her while we were there. Unfortunately I hadn't sent anyone the adorable video of Elise looking at the otters while holding her beloved otter and yelling, "Otta!!!!" while pointing at them snuggled together resting. But it could have been worse! I hadn't backed my phone up since October but really didn't seem to be missing much other than some games I had downloaded for Carter. So this post pretty much just has pictures from today other than the ones my mom sent me from the zoo.
Elise carrying Otter around at the zoo after running through a puddle and soaking her shoes!
We got to see the jaguar cub at the zoo for the first time!
It was so neat that they were right up against the glass!
Elise helping Carter with his chore of putting the silverware away.
I love it when she falls asleep on me. The best cuddles!


  1. "Stuck in traffic" haha. I couldn't believe Elise could drive the tractor.