Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Elise during her birthday shoot.

She was trying to put the stroller in the chair and got quite upset that it wouldn't sit there on it's own.
Carter putting Elise's shoes on for her.
We ran into one of Carter's friends from school while at Skyzone.
This series of pictures makes me belly laugh!
Out for ice cream with friends!
Elise took some pictures on my phone.
After naps on St. Patrick's Day, he was tired!
Two of Elise's favorites right now, Pandy and Otta!
St. Patrick's Day outfits.
Carter was laying down so Elise ran over to lay with him.
He put his arm around her for cuddles.
Then she decided she wanted to sit on his lap.
Elise with all her "babies" she needs to sleep with.
Water painting at the Botanic Garden.
Elise poured water on her pants, good thing it was warm enough to just take them off!
All the kids at Elise's birthday party.
Trying the toddler socks on to see if they'd fit.
Special picnic dinner on the floor while eating pizza!
Carter drew the Easter bunny.
Elise wanted to unlock the car.
Carter getting pushed in the swing.
Elise pushing the baby.
Working really hard on a letter he was making me.
Someone got confused about who the birthday girl was, haha!
Writing a letter to me, he was telling me everything he wrote.
Tea party at Toddler Time.


  1. Very cute! All the videos were sweet. Carter listened very patiently to Elise read. Usually Wordless Wednesday is my favorite, but I think this week Carter answering questions about Elise tied.

    1. I loved him sitting and listening to her read, it was so sweet!

  2. Very cute photos and videos! Carter really does know Elise very well!!!