Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Elise fell asleep on our run.
Carter giving Elise a hug while she rammed her head into him.
She knocked him down.
It was 84 degrees so Carter decided we needed to swim.
Elise was so proud to wear my shirt.
Harper cuddling a stuffed animal.
Carter cuddling his buddy.

Elise asked for Teddy first thing when she woke up, I thought she said Daddy and it didn't go over well.
She loved the poison dart frogs.
His first time touching the sharks.
Carter woke up and snuck into Oma and Opa's bed.
Elise had to join.
Carter playing with friends after Jeremy's Survival Run.
The kids running. I was shivering so much it was blurry.
Carter drew a bird inside an egg.
Elise brushing her teddy bear's hair.
Oma and Opa took us out to Incredible Pizza.
Elise decided we needed to add more days to our calendar.
Everyone out for breakfast after Jeremy's Survival Run.
A picture of Carter playing during music class at school, he's the one in an orange shirt.