Thursday, March 30, 2017

Elise's 2nd Birthday

Elise's birthday fell on a Tuesday this year so Carter had school. I got up early in the morning to run so I'd have all morning to play with her. When I got back from my run Elise was still asleep. She had great timing as she woke up right before Ty left for work. Carter, Ty, and I all went into her room to tell her Happy Birthday and greet her with a marshmallow with a candle in it. She normally likes to lay and chat to herself for a while before getting out of her crib, but we were too excited to tell her Happy Birthday to wait. She wasn't interested in blowing out her candle or eating her marshmallow so Carter blew her candle out for her. Ty left and the kids decided they needed another round of hugs and kisses so we ran out to catch him before he got in the car. It was so cute to see Elise trailing after Carter parroting, "Hug and kisses!" Sis wasn't interested in eating breakfast which is quite unusual for her, normally she wants to eat first thing. I needed to shower so I went ahead and hopped in and she got in with me. I love how she stands right up against my legs in the shower with her arm wrapped around one of my legs, gently resting her hand on my leg. It is the absolute sweetest! When we got out it was picture time! I got some pictures of her in her special birthday shirt. She wasn't too thrilled about it but did pose in her chair for a couple.

I had told the kids we would go out for special birthday doughnuts for Elise's birthday so we left early to drop Carter off at school and stopped by the doughnut shop. Elise had finally gotten hungry so she ate two oranges in the car on the way there. We were super disappointed when we walked in at 9:00 and they were already out of doughnuts, they don't close until 11 so I'm not sure what the deal was there! We loaded back up in the car and headed to a grocery store on the way to Carter's school and stopped there for doughnuts. I was bummed until I realized while driving that the doughnuts there would be cheaper so it was actually kind of a win! I let the kids pick out special drinks and we sat outside at tables they have in front of the store. With the doughnut shenanigans we were running a little late to school. We got there after Carter's class had already walked to their room (which was a first for us). Carter was very excited to lead us to his classroom, telling everyone on the way that it was his sister's birthday. Then he opened his classroom door and proudly announced to his entire class that it was his sister's birthday. It was adorable to see him so proud! From there Elise and I were off to the Children's Museum because she absolutely loves the tape tunnel/slide there! As we pulled in one of my friends texted me to ask me if I could pick her daughter up because she was having issues and was at the hospital. We pulled back out and headed to pick up Elise's friend. Instead of the Children's Museum we headed to a nearby park once we had her friend in tow. Elise had an absolute blast at the park, swinging on the bar above the slide and going down the slide only to immediately go back up the ladder and do it all over again.

We headed out to pick Carter up just as it was starting to get super hot. He was excited to see we had an extra friend with us and jumped right into the car asking her questions. On our way home we stopped by the store so Elise could pick out the supplies for her birthday cake and some special stuff for lunch. She went with macaroni and cheese for lunch and some pear flavored apple sauce. For her cake she chose a pink velvet cake with funfetti frosting and pink candies for the top. She was so cute, wanting out of the cart for a better look when we got to the aisle with cake. We dropped my friend's daughter off at home with her dad when he got home and then had a late lunch once I made the macaroni and cheese. Elise ate like a little beast, constantly asking for more. She ate all of her broccoli, most of her apple sauce, and 4 helpings of mac and cheese!
I surprised Elise with a bunch of blown up balloons on the living room floor when she woke up from her nap. She and Carter had a blast playing with balloons and I added some sorting and learning into the mix as well. Then we used the streamers from her doorway to make confetti. We put the confetti in a sensory bin to play with and the kids had a blast with it. Then we made Elise's cake and put it in the oven to bake. While we waited on it, we played some more with the sensory bin and the wooden birthday cake. When Ty got home we all yelled "Happy Birthday" to Elise as I dropped the confetti out of the bin onto Elise's head. Carter and Elise had a blast with the confetti, throwing it up in the air while yelling "Happy Birthday!" It was adorable to hear Elise say happy birthday. After dinner Carter helped Elise decorate her cake. She had chosen a pink velvet cake with funfetti frosting that turned out to be marshmallow flavored which was delicious! She picked some round pink candies as decorations and was cracking me up because instead of sprinkling them over the cake, she kept poking them down in the cake. The next day when Uncie J ate some he asked if there was candy in the cake and I told him no before realizing he must've gotten a piece out of Elise's section. At her age, Carter pretty much just dumped the entire container of sprinkles on his cake so I was impressed when Elise very carefully picked up pinches of sprinkles and rubbed her fingers together to drop them on the cake. It took her much longer to decorate her cake than it ever took Carter! When it was time to blow out her candles, Elise did it all by herself! Then she opened her presents from me and Ty as well as from our neighbors who are awesome and always remember the kids' birthdays! It was just the best day and was a wonderful celebration of Elise. She really is the most wonderful and precious little girl!

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