Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

It was so cold outside that their heat wasn't keeping up.
Our favorite, a daddy pile!
Gma got Elise!
Elise keeps getting into my stash of pads.
Ready to go to our play group Christmas party.
Hayden and Addison came to visit since they weren't able to come to Carter's party due to weather.
Some of the moms in the play group. I peeked into the picture from the back.
Carter reached over to hold my hand as we drove to look at Christmas lights.
Elise's shirt had a large neck hole so she kept pulling it off.
Trying out his new headphones and his new radio.
The things Ty will do in order to watch football... haha
Pancakes with their new monkey and cat pancake pans.
I love that they are so at home in the library.
Carter went in to get a ball and didn't come out so I went to check on him and found him here.