Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Carter's Christmas Program

Carter had his Christmas program at school this morning. The way they did it was each class sang 3 songs so they'd bring a class out to sing their songs, then they'd leave the stage and the next class would come out. It appeared to me that they started with the youngest class and then worked up to the oldest preschool class. The program was at 9:45 so we dropped Carter off at his regular time and then headed into the sanctuary for the program. Elise was being a bit of a wild woman, nothing new there, so I let her run around a little bit before putting her back in the carrier for the program. Ty left work to come for the program and met up with us at the back of the room. We decided to stay back there so I could stand and rock with Elise in the carrier and then sit down during Carter's performance. I cracked up when I looked at the program sheet and saw which songs Carter's class would be singing. I asked him what songs he was going to sing for his program after he told me all about practicing on the stage for when parents would come watch them sing. He told me they were singing Jingle Bells and no songs about Cheesus. He also told me that they have been learning about how Cheesus was born on a stage. When I say Jesus, he corrects me that his name is actually Cheesus. I'd really work with him on it but I know he'll figure it out in time and it's just too darn cute in the meantime. I heard one of the other classes sing his favorite Christmas song he learned at school about candy canes falling off the tree. It was so cute to hear the words of the song that he sings sometimes and to see how close he was on remembering them all correctly!
Carter's class on stage, ready to sing!

Elise loved watching the kids and clapped after each song. It wasn't until Carter was on the stage that she really lit up. Carter was the line leader for the day since it is his birthday tomorrow. The minute he walked out on stage Elise started pointing at him. It took him a little while to see us, but once he did he smiled and waved at us. I had given him the option of wearing his snowman shirt or his button up dress shirt and he picked the snowman shirt. He looked so adorable up there with his red pants and boots on. I just couldn't stop smiling. Once they started singing he was all business. He sang, not loud enough that I could distinguish his voice from the other kids but I could see his mouth moving, and did all the actions with the songs. I was so proud to see him really participating. The girl beside him was dancing around, adding her own movements, and even got down on the floor at one point but that didn't phase him. As they finished each song Elise would say, "gee" for again and desperately said, "gee, gee, gee," as Carter's class walked off stage. I took her out of the carrier after that and she sat on my lap and watched the next class sing while clapping along. She didn't even try to slide off my lap. Ty needed to head back to work so we slipped out before the last class sang. Carter's class was sitting in the entryway waiting to give their parents presents. Carter started giggling the minute he saw us and I was so excited to give him a hug and a kiss. I didn't think we'd get to see him after the program as we'd been informed they would go back to their room immediately following their portion of the program. It was a nice surprise. They had cookies and coffee out for the parents and Elise was very happy to nibble on a chocolate chip cookie. Every day I drop Carter off at school I am so proud of how well he does and every day I pick him up I am so thankful for his teachers and the wonderful school he is a part of. I'm so glad we found such a wonderful place for him to begin his educational journey!
Elise loving the program!
Since we were in the back we didn't get the best videos, but we figured grandparents wouldn't care!