Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Carter's First Day of School

Carter seemed a little nervous about school this year. When anyone asked him if he was excited for 1st grade, he responded with, "No. I'm excited for 2nd grade because then Elise will be at the same school as me." He was pleased at Meet the Maestro when he found out one of his best friends from his kindergarten class (Henry) would be in his class again this year. Once he started seeing more familiar faces in his class, he felt a lot better. He was still a bit nervous the night before his first day and cried a little saying he wanted to sleep in bed with us, but fell asleep in his own bed with Tesla and was fine. It made me a little anxious for the first day but everything went off smoothly. Carter was so excited about the balloons on the table. He really enjoyed waffles with Nutella, whipped cream, strawberries, and sprinkles for breakfast. Opening a new book on the first day is always a lot of fun and he was super excited about his Angry Birds book. I got him that to go along with !No Dejes que la Paloma Conduzca el Autobus! I wanted to get him a book in Spanish but knew he wouldn't be too excited about it so got him another one to go along with it. When Ty was ready to leave I hadn't showered yet so I was in my running clothes for our picture, but what can you do. Carter really wanted to sit in my lap to read his new books and Elise also wanted to sit in my lap. Carter came up with the compromise to have Elise sit on his lap while he sat on my lap. It made for an interesting time reading. We got to school with plenty of time and Carter had asked us to walk him in so we did. He was a little nervous about knowing where to go when he arrived. They all went to the gym and it was noisy but he seemed fine as we left. At pick-up Carter was thrilled to tell us his other best friend from last year (Landon) was in his Humanities group which was purple. He had a wonderful day and was not tired and exhausted like last year. I remembered how hungry he was at the end of the day last year for the first few weeks so I came prepared with snacks in the car but he wasn't even hungry. It's going to be a great year! 
Carter excited to open his book!

Everyone sitting in my lap to read Carter's new book.

Elise took this one!
Carter waving good bye as we left him in the gym.

Carter's First Day of School Interview
1st Grade

  • My School Is: Zarrow International School (He calls it Zarrow)
  • My Teacher Is: Senora Bair 
  • My Class Is: 1st Grade
  • My 1st Day of School Is: August 21, 2019
  • Height: 48.5 inches  
  • Shoe Size: 13
  • Weight: 49 pounds  
  • I Hope I Get to Learn About: I'm not really looking forward to learning anything. I kind of want to get better at speaking Spanish.
  • When I Grow Up I Want to Be: A dad
  • I'm Really Good At: Soccer
  • I Want to Get Better At: Soccer
  • This Year I Want to Learn: Nothing
  • I'm Excited About 1st Grade Because: I'm excited about 2nd grade but not really 1st grade. Because I get to see Elise in 2nd grade. She will be at my school.  
  • My Favorite Thing About Myself Is: Everything that I do. 

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  1. Very good! The pictures are good too. Your outfit looks cute and Ty looks like he's lost more weight. And Carter and Elise are always cute. She took a good picture of the three of you reading. I'm glad his first day went so well.

    1. Ty won't stop losing weight, so I'm sure he has! He somewhat matched Carter inadvertently!