Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Smashing ice to get the animals out.

More ice painting.

Carter wanted to smash more ice so I cut open a milk jug full of ice from Gma.

Tesla decided to do yoga with me.

Elise said she was cold so I suggested she put on a jacket...

They made a sign to welcome Uncie Taco when he arrived at Oma and Opa's house.

She fell asleep on the drive to St. Louis.

The kids got a little rowdy at the birthday party so we went for a walk.

Listening to speeches at the birthday party.

With the birthday boy at his 90th birthday party!
Elise playing with decorations at the party.

Elise was so worn out from her busy night she slept in until 8:30!

Carter woke up at 6:30am so we went swimming.
Elise with her great grandma at the brunch the day after grandpa's party.

We stopped at Meramec Caverns on our way home.

Elise didn't want to be in the picture so I let her take it and she accidentally cut Opa out of the picture.

Carter said, "I wish I packed long pants for this."

Mom posing with the "wine table" formation.

Elise showing off her new purse full of special rocks she picked out.

Putting on a bubble show. Elise told Oma, "Come stand on the stage with me and you can do a bubble show."

Ice cream with friends.

Playing with new toys from the great grandparents.

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