Thursday, August 22, 2019

Wordless Thursday

Getting to touch some animals after the show at Safari Joe's.

Sweet boy snuggling his Big Al in his sleep.

Getting fancy with the train tracks.

Tesla is the best snuggle doggy!

Carter and Emelia drawing with chalk.

Painting with ice cubes.

Gma's Siri jokes were a big hit!

Making homemade pretzels with the bread maker.

Ready to spectate at the Furnace 5k.

Jeremy at the start of the Furnace 5k.

Dad at the start of the Furnace 5k.

Mom at the start of the Furnace 5k.

The kids playing in bubbles at the race.

High fives for Oma during the race.

Jeremy's finishing kick.

Jeremy finishing the race.
Ty finishing the race.

Dad finishing the race.

Fun at the Gathering Place!

Jeremy around the 2k mark of the race.

Dad around the 2k mark of the race.

Mom around the 2k mark of the race.

Getting a hair trim.

Elise showing off her hair wax color.

Helping me sew Carter's school patches on his uniform shirts.

Tesla is an amazing snuggler and Carter has been requesting she sleep with him.

Elise brought this book to Carter and asked him to read it to her. She was so patient and sat quietly listening to him even though it took him a while to read it.

Excited for Meet the Maestro!

Elise actually asked to lay down to take a nap.

Since Elise was napping I got some one on one time with Carter before he went back to school. It was wonderful!

When the big kids are at school and you haven't started yet, you get to go out for lunch!

Elise put this wild outfit together on her own.

Ready to open his special 1st day of school book.


  1. Very cute pictures. It looks like Gma had an especially good time! And lularoe always talks about pattern matching, so Elise is practicing.

    1. Haha, she's much braver with pattern matching than I am!