Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

When all you care about is keeping the library books dry!

Elise giving Quinn a check-up.

Quinn was diagnosed with a slight cold.

Elise wanted to make a cake out of a cook book I had as a kid. Then we made homemade chocolate buttercream icing for the first time. It was so good!

Carter loves Zuma sleeping in his room when we dog sit.

Tesla kept trying to play with Quinn and Quinn didn't want to play so this was her solution.

Carter hit Elise because he said she was sitting too close to him so I made him have her sit on his lap for 2 minutes. They sat and giggled and chatted the whole time. It was so sweet!

This is how Tesla gets attention when I'm doing yoga.

Elise kept crying and telling Carter not to look at her no matter where he was looking, so he ate lunch like this.

Putting eyes on his head while putting the silverware away.

Carter reading to Elise.

Tesla always nearby!

Carter made some drawings to decorate his room.

Elise wanted to be in a picture too.


  1. Carter's legs look so long when he's reading to Elise. Quinn is a unique dog, isn't she? Elise looks so serious checking Quinn's health.

    1. Quinn cracks me up. When Niki and the girls were over, Niki kept laughing at Quinn.