Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Carter now has to wear a belt if he has belt loops. He looks super cute but has a difficult time going potty.

Elise said Tesla had a baby and she wrapped Tesla's baby up for her.

Sleeping in car line.

Back to school bulletin board at the library.

Carter's favorite thing is doing maths.

Elise's favorite thing at school.

Coffee date at Central Library Starbucks.

Elise adding ice to her hot chocolate that we got her because she said she was cold, haha!

She asked me to take a picture of her drawing she made on the computer.

Resting on the bus ride home.
They tore out the sidewalk so we tried walking through the mud. Elise said it was quick sand mud.

This monster was out scuttling around while I was running. I found the water bottle to put next to it for size comparison.
We've never been to the Blue Whale so we thought we'd stop by for fun.

I love the cute outfits she puts together. This one was mermaid scale dress with unicorn high tops.

Out splashing in puddles.

She loves riding the bus!

Working together to make the pizza crust for dinner.

I made a boring old rectangle house and the kids added all this stuff and made it into an awesome structure!

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