Monday, August 12, 2019

Funny Stuff the Kids Say

Ty: The actor who played Chewbacca died.
Carter: Oh no, I loved him!
Me: Well, it's just the person who wore the costume, so the suit lives on.
Elise: Oh, that's so sad. He was funny and didn't say, "baaaaa." Who is going to wear the suitcase now?

Elise calls a bump on her head an egg bump.

Elise: We have a new refrigerator.
Girl at Playground: We have 2 fridges.
Elise: With food in it?!
Elie Later: I didn't know you had 2 escalators, I mean refrigerators!

Elise combined mystery and mischief and said mystrif.

"Mom, you're prettier than Tesla." -Elise

My voice was scratchy from allergies, so Elise said, "I hope you're feeling better when we get to school or they're going to think you're a grandma."

Both kids call fried eggs "flat eggs".

Elise: When is Addy having her real party?
Me: She already did. Remember when we went to her house and had cake? That was her party.
Elise: But she didn't have a piƱata.

Elise: I have an egg bump on my head.
Carter: It's called a goose bump.
Librarian: Do you mean a goose egg?
Carter: Oh yes, it's called a goose egg!

"When I grow up I want to be a mom, an artist, and a good swimmer!" -Elise

"When all the dinosaurs died and went extinct, did they go to heaven?" -Carter

Elise: Are there a lot of Jesuses?
Me: There was just one Jesus.
Elise: Then how is he in all of our hearts?

Elise calls woodpeckers, woodypeckers.

Charlee: I'm the mom.
Elise: No, I'm the mom.
Charlee: Fine, then there's two moms!

"There's something special about music. When I hear it, it makes me feel good." -Carter

We were getting ready to swim in a lake. Elise said, "But I'm afraid of underfeet." She meant undertow.

The kids were looking at pictures from our wedding. My wedding dress was tight fitting.
Carter: I see mommy's butt!
Elise: Why is your butt not little? Why is it so big?!

Elise calls Winnie the Pooh, Honey the Pooh.

I heard some heavy breathing and a screech come from Elise's room. Then Carter yelled, "It's a baby! She had her baby!"

Me: Oh my gosh, Tesla, you smell awful! Did you roll in something dead outside?
Elise: She probably rolled in my pee.
Elise: Because I peed outside.

Instead of saying let 'er rip, Carter says, "lemon rip."

Elise: Why is that lady outside?
Me: Because she's smoking.
Elise (very loudly): She's going to DIE!

Elise calls boxed macaroni and cheese "long mac and cheese" and Easy Mac is "circle mac and cheese." She says she prefers circle mac and cheese because long mac and cheese takes longer.


  1. They do say some funny things!

    1. And some of them are just cute and I have nowhere else to put them.