Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Elise doesn't mind tummy time yet.
Elise's first bath and Carter's first bath with his sister!
Excited about his bath with sissy!
All dried off from their first bath together.
Elise's Easter dress from Oma and Opa.
I love it when she rests her sweet hand on my chest!
Our first visit to the library just mommy, Carter, and Elise.
Looking at lizards at the zoo.
Elise's first zoo trip.
Carter was so excited to take a picture with sissy that he even cheesed!

Carter came in bed with us after his nap.  Excuse his girly diaper, it was a present for Elise and I figured why not use it now!
Sweet smiles!
Waiting in line to enter the zoo for Breakfast with the Bunny.
This is how Elise enjoyed Breakfast with the Bunny.
Watching elephants get treats.
Morning storytime in bed!
She's such a good listener!
My friend, Kristie, came to visit with her son.
Carter playing with Kristie's son.
Kristie reading to the boys.
Elise was awake for the first time during a run/walk!
Carter was just as excited as I was!
Carter said, "Mommy, Issy Eese holdeet Carter's hand!"
Carter asked to brush sister's hair.
Carter showing Elise how to play with the toys on her activity gym.
Carter practicing tummy time with Elise.
Carter was excited to try out this bike at a rec center Bikes and Balls playtime.
Eating snack in our bed while sissy napped.
Carter loves reading to his sister!
Group snuggles!
Carter loves this picture.  He'll find it on my phone and laugh so hard.  Then he'll copy her face, sticking his tongue out.


  1. Very sweet! I bet she'll never dislike tummy time or other things she has to do with a big brother to help her.

    1. She definitely prefers tummy time when Carter lays with her!

  2. It is crazy how similar they look! Like they're siblings or something... ;) They are the sweetest!