Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Enjoying a special treat, a doughnut at Krispy Kreme!
Now that's what I call passed out!!!
Elise posing with a shark at the aquarium.
Seeing Elise get her picture finally convinced Carter to do it.
Snuggles with Oma at lunch.
Carter kept laughing that Elise was resting her head on him.
Love that she's getting a little chunk on her thighs!
Daddy snuggles!
Hauling his lawn mower.
Bubble bath!
Blowing bubbles on the porch watching for Oma and Opa to arrive.

My friend, Konnie, and her family came to meet Elise.

They brought Carter a present, chalk and a chalkboard floor mat.

Greg with Elise.

Carter really wanted to feed Elise so I pumped and he gave her a bottle.

Playtime in Carter's bed after naps.

Picking out books at the library.

Reading on the way home from the library, Elise was in the carrier.

He asks to hold her a lot and I love it!
Carter gave Elise a rubber duck to play with while she watched us take a bath.
Storytime with Walter.
Elise was crying so Carter picked her up and consoled her, she stopped crying.
Asking to hold sissy again.
Carter was pulling her shirt down like he'd seen me do so you could read the writing.
Brother to the rescue again, she's crying here.
After Carter snuggled her up she stopped crying and fell into a deep sleep.
Holding her hand while she slept.
Dressing Harper.
I was talking to Carter and looked over to see this, cracked me up!
He pushed the stroller all the way to the library.
Reading at the library.
Making one of Carter's old onesies look girly!
Playing at the library after storytime.
Both babies sleeping after storytime at the library and lunch with daddy.


  1. Free child labor . . . . hmm, I think there are laws against that! The video is so funny, you hear Ty's mower but only see Carter pushing his mower so it appears that the noise is coming from Carter! :)

    1. Haha, well if you haven't noticed I employ quite a bit of child labor around here! Carter making all the 4th of July shirts for everyone was a prime example! :o)

  2. In the one picture Elise looks like she's really looking at the camera. And in the picture with the "mommy loves me onesie", she looks like she's about ready to burst the seams. I can't believe Carter pushed the stroller all the way to the library, that is quite the stretch for his arms. Did Elise's library bib make it?

    1. She's really starting to chunk out, isn't she?! Carter was bummed Elise couldn't go in the stroller while he pushed it because I was wearing her and we don't know where the car seat adapter is. Yes, her bib came. It's nice because it is quite long!

  3. That was hilarious Anonymous. And when Quinn heard Carter's voice she woke up and looked around. Before she was sleeping through everything.

    1. Quinn was probably checking to see if she needed to run, haha!