Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Carter really wanted to bring his bus on our run.  I was shocked that he never threw it overboard!
I told Carter I wanted to snuggle him on my chest.  Next thing I knew, there he was!
She will squirm around until her neck looks like this!  If I move her head, she moves it back!
Carter climbed up in my lap too.
Both babies napping during Elise's first long car ride.
Auntie Erin holding Elise for the last time before Addison was born.
Carter wanted to come snuggle with us in bed when I got him in the morning.
Of course sissy got special snuggles!

Carter tucked her in (I pulled the blanket off after I got a picture).
Carter and Elise at their first ballet, Dracula, with Oma and Opa.
Carter loves to climb on Uncie Taco.
There she goes with the neck again!
He found my camera.
I love dressing her in Carter's old clothes and sticking a bow on her so she still looks girly.
This outfit was a gift from one of Ty's coworkers.
Grocery shopping with Carter in the cart and Elise in the carrier.
Carter helped her out by pulling her socks off.
He was excited to show me a mushroom he found.
Carter is fine playing by himself until Elise nurses.  Then he wants to be all up in our business!
He loves it when sissy greets him in the morning.


  1. Wordless Wednesday is Wonderful. :) In the outfit from one of Ty's coworkers, Elise almost looks like a little old woman. Carter took a wonderful selfie, and of course, the pictures are all great.