Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Wearing coozies he found.
Brylee came to visit.
Grant wanted to hole Elise this time.

Brylee wanted to lay with Elise like she saw Carter do.
Playing at Landon's house.
I love it when she grabs my shirt and holds on!
Elise and Addison were both unhappy about being put down.
Hayden and Carter
Carter feeding Harper grass.
Elise loves her Gpa!
Carter wanted to sit in the trash can as Ty pulled weeds.

Elise snuggling Gma.
Wearing an outfit that was mine when I was a baby.
Me in the outfit on the left and Elise in the same outfit on the right.
Skippy is warming up to Elise.  Maybe he knows she won't chase him screaming when she's older.
Elise wearing the dress I went home from the hospital in.
I put a headband on her to show something in style back then (the dress) and something in style now (the bow).
Carter checking on his sister.
Photo courtesy of Gma and Gpa.
Photo courtesy of Gma and Gpa.

Photo courtesy of Gma and Gpa.
Photo courtesy of Gma and Gpa.
Harper the guard dog!
Elise already loves books and being read to!
Love her newly forming thigh rolls!
Big girl sleeping in her Pack N Play!!!


  1. Your coming home from the hospital dress is precious. She looks good in it.


    1. Thank you! I'm glad I got the pictures when I did, it was already a little short on her!

  2. Very good pictures. The two of Carter his Gpa and Nema took are awesome. Elise has grown and changed a lot since we last saw her.