Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Big Moment: Carter Meets Elise

During the last week of our pregnancy Carter started talking a lot more about his "Issy Eese".  It was like he knew she would be joining us soon.  He would walk up to my belly and yell, "Issy Eese come out!"  When he played with his wooden birthday cake he would sing Happy Birthday to his Sissy Elise.  He also asked if Sissy Elise could sleep in his bed with him, Buddy, and Big Al.  I knew he was going to love his sister so much and once Elise was born I immediately got excited for Carter to come meet her at the hospital.  Since I'm used to spending all day long with my boy I was already missing him and itching to see him.  I was sitting on the couch in our room next to Rocky who was holding Elise when I heard Carter's voice in the hallway.  I can't describe how excited I felt and how much my heart leapt at the sound of his voice.  When he first walked into the room he was overwhelmed with how many people were staring at him while holding cameras.  I walked over and picked him up and took him over to see Elise.  He immediately screamed "Issy Eese" and put his arms out wanting to hold her.  He has been so good with her and loves her so much.  It was so cute because he brought his wooden birthday cake to the hospital and wanted to serve every piece of it to his sister.  The second time he came up to the hospital he even wanted to read her books.  My mom bought pink shirts for everyone to wear and Carter was wearing his Big Brother shirt so Leina wanted to get a picture of them all walking down the hallway.  It turned out so cute!

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