Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I'm so excited for our first Wordless Wednesday since Elise's birth!  There are soooo many pictures to share with all of you!  Like an absurd amount, so be prepared!
Friday morning playdate with Walter.
Carter taking pictures of himself on my phone.
Carter opening big brother presents from Oma and Opa.
Carter wanted to see Sissy nursing and said, "Issy Eese eateet mommy!"
Carter wanted to read to his sister.
Best feeling in the whole world, snuggling your newborn!
Carter on a lunch date with Oma.
Elise got her first bath in our room.  It was so nice!
I love this one of Carter and Elise checking each other out!
Daddy swaddling in the middle of the night.
Sweet little shoe socks.
Oma and Opa sent pictures so I'd know what Carter was up to while we were in the hospital.
Got her thumb already!

Going home!
Carter wanted to show Elise her room and her crib!
Headed home.
Snuggles on our first morning at home as a family of 4.
Harper didn't think Oma, daddy, and Carter were doing enough to console Elise.
Using the car stuffed animal Elise got him as a pillow.
Tired daddy after a long night!
Our first outing yesterday, walking to the library.
Carter decided halfway through our walk he wanted to ride with his sissy.
Reading books on the way home from the library.
Oma taking a turn pushing her grandbabies in the stroller.
Oma ready for our 2nd outing today, to the Children's Museum!
Elise was so good during the Children's Museum and our picnic while riding in the baby carrier.
Picnic after the Children's Museum.
Elise meeting my tutoring student, Grant.
Elise meeting Brylee.

Elise getting kisses from Brylee.


  1. Another list! 1) It wasn't until I scrolled through the second time (I can't get enough!) had I noticed everyone wearing matching pink shirts! 2) Elise looks SO MUCH like Carter!!! 3) I swooned over Carter holding Elise. 4) And I got warm fuzzies at Harper and Elise. 5) OHMYGOSH! I'm just so excited for you! 6) I can't believe you walked to the library so soon after. I didn't have stitches this time and my body still ached incredibly for a good two weeks!

    1. I love your lists! My mom was so excited about having a girl she got everyone the pink shirts, but forgot about me! Thank you! I feel so good other than where I have stitches. I think it's good to have something going on to slow you down a little so you let your body recover. Otherwise I'd be wanting to do way too much!