Thursday, March 19, 2015

Baby Sprinkle Honoring Elise

On Saturday March 7th my friend, Kirsten, hosted a baby sprinkle for Elise at her house.  Since it was at their house Jake was there which made my day!  I hadn't seen him all week because he was sick and then she had a snow day away from work.  She made quiche, one with ham and broccoli and the other with spinach and cheese for a brunch.  She also served pink lemonade, tea, and strawberry cupcakes.  Everything was delicious and the decorations were adorable!  She had seen Elise's room so knew it is pink and light teal/mint.  Everything was pink and teal.  She even found cupcake liners with both colors on them!  I kept the guest list small and stuck mainly to friends in the Tulsa area considering I'd already had a full shower for Carter a little over 2 years ago.  It was so much fun to see everyone and I really enjoyed myself.  
The adorable decorations she had on the mantle.
The best picture of the food area.  It was adorable!
Kirsten and me, I had to put this one on because my belly looks HUGE!
Elise received lots of new clothes and diapers!  My mom went all out and ordered her a bunch of cloth diapers along with the car seat adapter for our stroller.  Ty's mom got her an adorable swimsuit and sunglasses.  I'm already picturing her splashing around in the pool in our backyard and at the splash park with Carter.  This summer is going to be so much fun!   

Me, my mom, and Ty's mom.
Holding my sweet boy, Jake!
I loved that Jake was just chilling on the couch like he went to sprinkles all the time!
My best friend, Erin, and her mom made the 2 hour drive to come and my friend, Roo, was also able to come.  That meant there were 3 pregnant ladies at the sprinkle, which was about 1/3 of the people present!  I was almost 36 weeks pregnant, Erin was almost 32 weeks pregnant, and Roo was almost 20 weeks pregnant!  We had to get a shot of the 3 of us together.  My mom forgot her camera at home and I wasn't thinking and didn't grab mine.  So all the pictures are from Leina's camera or my mom's phone. 
Roo, me, and Erin.
Erin, 32 weeks, and me, 36 weeks.