Friday, October 17, 2014

Running During the First Trimester With #2

Now that the first trimester has come to a close I find myself reflecting on how running was different this time around than when I was pregnant with Carter.  There were some similarities but this pregnancy has also been a completely new experience, read my 1st trimester comparison here.  You can read about running during the first trimester when I was pregnant with Carter here.  I slowed down quite a bit during the first trimester just like I did before.  I went from running 8:00-9:00 minute pace on an average day to 9:00-10:00 minute pace.  This time around I was running with Carter in the stroller so that slowed me down compared to what I ran during my last pregnancy, but my pace slowed by about a minute per mile on average which was the same as my pregnancy with Carter.  The slowing down of my pace seems to be where the similarities end.  Most everything else about running during pregnancy was different this time around.
Getting a break from pushing the stroller, thanks to running with dad!

When I was pregnant with Carter I first became suspicious because my running suffered dramatically.  I was struggling to hit times and my legs burned during runs.  Sometimes the burning sensation got a little bit better toward the end of the run, but most the time it didn't.  This time I had no clue I was pregnant.  We were on a trip to Virginia during the first few weeks and I got the chance to run with Jeremy.  I was able to maintain an 8:00 minute mile relatively comfortably and didn't feel off with my running other than that I was in a different place and I'd spent 6 hours in the car so my legs felt weird.  Once we found out we were pregnant I waited for the burning sensation to return, but it never did.  I was very thankful for that!

Surprisingly I was much calmer about running this time around too.  You would think after having a miscarriage I would be worried and guarded about running, but having the miscarriage made me realize that some things are just out of my control.  I did the exact same thing running-wise during those first weeks with the miscarriage as I had during my pregnancy with Carter.  So I decided this time around I would do whatever seemed right and felt the best.  I had signed up for an October half-marathon last year after completing it.  That was before we had decided I would stay at home, so we still thought we'd have to have a 3-4 year age difference between Carter and Baby #2 because we couldn't afford 2 children in daycare.  At the time there was no question that I'd be able to run the race because there was no way I'd be pregnant.  But then we decided I'd stay home and everything changed.  After really thinking things over and considering the timing, I decided to go ahead and train for the half-marathon.  During the week I typically ran 3 miles a day with a few 4 milers thrown in and on the weekend I'd get in a long run.  My weekly mileage was usually around 20 miles compared to the 12 miles per week I did with Carter.  I also ran what felt comfortable and didn't worry about trying to talk to myself to make sure I was at conversational pace.  I trusted my body to tell me what was right and made sure not to run out of my comfort zone.  I always ran with a water in the stroller cup holder so I drank quite a bit on runs.

When I was pregnant with Carter running perked me up and gave me more energy.  That has not been the case this time around.  I'm so much more tired on days that I run and I usually feel ready for a nap after I get home.  I don't feel exhausted or tired during the runs though.  During my runs I feel awesome and in-shape and strong.  With Carter I would barely make it a mile out before turning around simply because I was soooo tired!  Strange how those feelings have flip flopped, but I prefer it how it is now.  I've been way less tired and exhausted in general this time around which makes me not mind runs making me sleepy.

The timing of this pregnancy worked out to where I was only signed up for one race during the first trimester.  When we got pregnant with Carter I was already signed up for quite a few spring races that fell during the first trimester.  Then I only had a couple races during the 2nd trimester in the summer.  Since the first trimester this time around fell almost entirely in the summer I wasn't registered for any races until the fall.  My only race during the first trimester fell at the very end of the trimester when I was 13 weeks, 5 days pregnant, so nearly in the 2nd trimester.  I was already starting to feel a bit better by that point and didn't worry about my pace during the race like I had the races when I was pregnant with Carter.
After the Zoo Run, my only 5k during the 1st trimester this time.

I entered this pregnancy in better running shape than I did our pregnancy with Carter.  I ran a 20:59 5k in April, took some time for just easy running, and then ran a 21:25 5k in July just weeks before finding out we were pregnant.  I had worked up to a 10 mile long run in preparation for our fall half-marathon in October and was feeling strong.  Going into the pregnancy with Carter my fastest recent 5k was a 23:18 and my long run was built up to 8 miles.  Add in the exhaustion aspect from our pregnancy with Carter and the not being as exhausted this time around and my running has been much faster and stronger than it was with Carter.

Luckily with Carter my pregnancy was low-risk all the way across the board with no complications.  With Baby #2 I found out at 12 weeks that I had placenta previa so I was a little bit paranoid about that, always checking to make sure I wasn't bleeding and afraid running too far or too fast would cause bleeding.  I had no bleeding during the entire 1st trimester and hope that continues on for the rest of the pregnancy!  Even with that considered running this time around has been easier and more enjoyable and I am very thankful for that!
I was looking through my mom's pictures for ones of me running and found this one from the first trimester and couldn't resist!