Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Watching the rain.
At the ENT's office for his 6 month ear tube follow-up appointment.
Playing in the leaves while I raked.
He was mad I was taking pictures, notice the balled up fists, lol!

Reading to his dolly.
Double fisting breadsticks at Olive Garden.
Watching kitty videos with daddy.
Ready for a lotion massage after his bath.
Carter sat at his craft table, pointed at it, and said "Paint?"  So of course, we painted!
I was vacuuming, checked on Carter, and found him doing this.

Hugging Jake after Jake woke up from his morning nap.
Dominating his spaghetti.
Reading books on the way home from the library.
Getting a head start on his first novel.
While I was vacuuming Carter set out shoes.  Is the pattern a coincidence?
Wearing his pajama top, diaper, and rain boots.


  1. I love wordless Wednesday!! It looked like he was telling you to rake more leaves after he had the picture with the fists.

  2. Haha this was the best group of pictures!!! I loved the one of him and Ty watching kitty videos! Carter is a smarty for putting the shoes in that pattern. I love the balled up fists! And the bath time novel! Did you guys get a double stroller or is that just the way the picture looks for some reason?

    1. Good noticing on the stroller. Yes, my mom and dad were going to get us one for Christmas. Since I'm watching Jake they went ahead and ordered it early so I could use it with him. I'm already in love!