Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

The kids found a tiny toad at the splash pad.

Picnic lunch with fresh cucumber from a friend's garden!
Ready for gymnastics class!
The teacher told the kids to go wait on the green line and Elise ran right over.
Carter wanted green eggs for breakfast after reading Green Eggs and Ham the day before.
Matching leggings, thanks to Oma!
Carter felt left out and wanted to be in some pictures.

Carter wanted to walk to a field of flowers by our house to pick flowers for Oma.

Elise got to see the dog Carter read to at the library.
Carter giving the dog a treat after reading.

Ty with one of his Father's Day presents.
Elise was sad to wake up and find that Oma and Opa were gone.
Making a Very Hungry Caterpillar craft.

Showing off his caterpillar necklace.
They both wanted to sit in my lap for storytime.
Elise wouldn't stand with the caterpillar unless I held her.
Elise had a Target gift card so she got to pick some toys.

Elise let Carter hatch her hatchimals for her.
Bought a 50 lb bag of sand at Lowe's for $4, it was so worth it!

Carter fell asleep holding my hand during rest time.
Both kids needed a nap after our busy weekend!

I asked Carter and Elise to cheese for a picture of their medals from the summer reading program and Elise showed me her booty instead.
So then Carter had to do it too.

Wrestling with daddy before bedtime is a favorite activity.

Reading Elise's Going to Bed book together.
Super excited for their first day of Vacation Bible School.

Elise climbed up on the counter and got a jalapeno. I came in to find her very dismayed after biting into it!
Playing after VBS.

Pretending to roast marshmallows.
Carter sharing his umbrella with Elise.


  1. Elise was right, the reading dog wasn't Zuma. :) And Carter did a great job matching sunglasses to people. Their medal pictures were so cute.