Tuesday, June 26, 2018

First Annual Flamingo Party

Way back when I was in high school Thomas and I started joking with dad about how thin his legs are because my legs measured bigger than his. We were at the St. Louis zoo and joked that dad was a flamingo. Ever since then flamingoes have been our running joke. The kids take a picture with the flamingoes at the zoo every time we visit and I send it to my family saying we found Opa. We do it so much that Carter was watching a movie and when flamingoes were on the screen he asked me to take a picture for Opa since flamingoes are his favorite animal. I was cracking up! At the end of May the Tulsa Zoo posted a video for flamingo day and I texted the group thread that we missed dad's special day. Then we looked into it and found out that National Flamingo Day is actually June 23rd. I said I'd actually celebrate appropriately the 23rd and then we decided we'd put together a flamingo party to surprise dad. It was perfect timing because the stores had a bunch of flamingo stuff with their Luau and summer party supplies. We were at Chick fil A for lunch so I planned the party while the kids played and then we hit up Target and Dollar Tree to get flamingo supplies. Dollar Tree was a gold mine!
Our flocktail area all set up the night before.
Saturday was the big day and we had a blast. My mom got an inflatable flamingo swimming pool and we went all out. Thomas said we might as well since we could have a party every year. I couldn't help myself and decorated the night before which worked out well because we went grocery shopping for food the next day. Everyone came over after lunch and we kicked off the party once Ty had the chance to mow the lawn. It had rained that morning so he hadn't been able to do it yet. Mom got matching flamingo swim trunks for all the guys but Thomas because he'd already ordered some for himself. They ended up being really small. Ty took his off after a while and I ended up wearing them. They were pretty tight even on me! She also got matching shirts for Carter and Elise as well as matching shirts for me and her. We spent most of the evening/afternoon outside playing in the pool and with our flamingo stuff. I set up a photo booth which got some use. After the kids went to bed we played croquet in the backyard. It was a very successful party and will be fun to continue each year. I joked that it was dad's 2nd Father's Day.
Ready for the party in my flamingo shirt and pink flip flops.
Elise trying out the photo prop area.
Carter wearing his flamingo shirt. Oma couldn't find a boy flamingo shirt so she just got him the same one she got Elise.
Blowing up the pool.
Opa had lots of help!

Thomas playing in Elise's house with her.

My cute flamingo drink!
The shorts mom ordered were a little small!

When Thomas got in the pool I gave him the water watcher tag.
Fun with the photo props.
Elise took a picture of Carter.
This was her first attempt at a picture of me and Opa with the photo props.

Opa took over water watching duties. Then later he just hung it on the flamingo's neck so we gave him a hard time!
The next day Carter was talking about how each person in the family should have an animal party day like Opa. He decided he wanted to have a penguin party on Chirstmas and Elise said she was going to have a lion party on Easter. That evening Thomas was giving out awards and said Jeremy was the MVP for wearing his swim trunks the longest. I won best host. Thomas was flamingo croquet champion since he won all but one game. Dad was most authentic flamingo legs and mom deemed herself most white trash outfit because she forgot an under shirt and was wearing one of Thomas' shirts under her shirt. For fun I put together a sensory bin with flamingo stuff for the kids. Ty saw me do it the night before but forgot. I got up early and headed out for a long run Saturday morning and when the kids got up they started playing with the sensory bin. Ty heard the noise and freaked out thinking they were getting into something. I thought that was pretty funny when I got home and he told me! I'm already looking forward to National Flamingo Day next year!
Elise wearing her flamingo outfit.


  1. It was a lot of fun! And I hope to feel better next year to really enjoy myself!

  2. It was a lot of fun! And I hope to feel better next year to really enjoy myself!

  3. And, buy something to wear under my see through top. Our tops were pretty, weren't they?

    1. Yes they were! Luckily I already had a white tank top to wear with it.