Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Carter walking into the bowling alley with Uncie J.

Carter wanted to bowl like us so Uncie J helped him with the holes.
Got home from my run one morning and saw the kitchen door closed with a note.
It turned out he had made a statue museum and wanted to surprise me with it.

Pictures from the professional photographer from storytime with the meteorologist.

We played campout and told stories by flashlight.

Elise likes napping in Carter's bed.

Elise loved her first gymnastics class!

I got to watch Carter do gymnastics on the tv in the parent watch room.

Picnic lunch at the Botanic Garden.


The kids were super excited about their trundle bed at Oma and Opa's and slept so much better there than they used to!

Making mud balls.

Creating a fort.

I took Carter to a friend's house to swim during Elise's naptime so when she woke up, over rode his bike over with her so she could swim too.
When Opa was leaving Elise yelled, "Opa don't leave yet, I need to kiss you!"

Popsicles after swimming.

Carter didn't have a change of clothes and all I had in my purse was a pair of 2T shorts for Elise!

Carter in his new Jurassic Park outfit from Oma and Opa!

Carter was so excited he's old enough to check out Legos at the Central Library now!

Elise tracked in a ton of mud!

Making Father's Day cards for grandpas.

Elise at the library, "Can I wear my headphones so I don't have to hear everyone being noisy."

"Look at my claws!"


  1. I see Elise wiggling her hiney. And bowling looks like quite the adventure. I like Erin's swimsuit.

    1. It was hilarious! I said, "say cheese," and she immediately turned and started wiggling her booty!