Friday, March 23, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

I'm catching up on posts I didn't get up when our internet was down so here's Wordless Wednesday on a Friday.

QuikTrip's 49 cent cones are back!

Elise wearing mittens when it was 70+ degrees!
Carter got to feel a real human brain at the Children's Museum for brain awareness program.

Carter enjoyed a birthday party at a karate dojo.

Elise put this toy phone in her back pocket and then informed me that she was a mommy.

Waiting for us to come help us with the door because it had a child lock.

Gloss Mountain State Park

Alabaster Caverns State Park

Coloring at the Sam Noble Museum.

In the dinovator checking out the apatosaurus skeleton.

Elise got worn out and spent the last 45 minutes like this.

Look at those tired eyes!

Holding my hand while I rocked her to sleep.


  1. Now that you told us about the apatosaurous I can see how big it is.

    1. It's a weird angle though I can see how it looked small.