Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Carter doing yoga with me.
Carter's favorite position is corpse pose.
Carter had jammies day at school so Elise wanted to wear jammies too.

Carter trying out his shin guards and cleats.

Carter made this train track all by himself while I was putting Elise down for a nap.
Carter creating art at Mini Masters.
Carter's picture made with watercolor colored pencils.
Checking out the Norman Rockwell gallery.

My favorite painting in the Norman Rockwell exhibit.
Playing in the kids' area.
Elise dressed herself.
Uncie Taco giving Carter a hair cut.
It was a little too long for clippers.
Thomas said Carter's hair was so long, it took a community to get it cut!
Handsome boy with a hair cut!
Ready for a date night!
Playing the PJ Masks memory game Uncie Taco got for them.
Pretending the bathtub was a swimming pool.

Carter made a "bed" in the chair.
Then he pretended to take a nap for about 2 minutes.

Carter enjoying his first soccer practice.


  1. Very cute as usual. Harper was having a blast playing with them!

    1. She amazes me with how well she does when they hold her leash!

  2. Very cute photos and videos!!! Thanks for posting them.