Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Pretending the couch is a bed.

Elise was all about the shakers at storytime.
Carter wrote all the words he could think of while I was in the shower.
Elise dressed herself, complete with pants on backward and shoes on the wrong feet!
Preschool pow wow at the playground.
Carter warming up for his first soccer game.

Elise figured out how she can check the mail without help.
Making flags at the Philbrook Art Museum.
Showing off their flags.

Enjoying samples at Sam's!
Making leprechaun houses.

I came out of Elise's room from laying her down for a nap and found these two right outside her door.
Elise didn't want to get dressed so I suggested we match and she was really excited to get dressed! Just didn't want to smile for a picture.
Photo courtesy of Carter's teacher.
Carter's new ball matched his outfit for practice.
Came out of Elise's room from laying her down to find Carter ready for a ride.

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