Friday, March 30, 2018

Elise's Birthday

When we were planning out our spring break trip and I realized we'd be gone on Elise's birthday, I worried Ty would be disappointed to miss Elise on her birthday. Then realized we'd be home in time to celebrate with him that evening. Elise slept in until almost 8:00 on her birthday and then we enjoyed breakfast at our hotel. She picked a muffin and yogurt, ate most of the yogurt and just a little of the muffin and decided she wanted a waffle like Carter. She drank some cranberry juice and then switched to water. She was so excited to swim and we went straight from breakfast to the hotel pool. I was so impressed with her on this trip because she took off and swam by herself in the pool. Normally she wants to cling to me but she rocked it out all over the pool. She was so cute later explaining to Ty that she swam by kicking her legs and even demonstrated for him. The kids were really excited because their friend they had met the night before in the pool was also swimming that morning when we got to the pool. Carter had to go to the bathroom so we went back to our room and once they'd been out for a while and had gotten cold they decided they wanted to take a warm bath instead of swimming more. It worked out perfectly because we made it to the Sam Noble Museum just a little after it opened. We spent about 2 hours there looking at all the exhibits before heading out for lunch and then going to Lake Thunderbird State Park to play at the playground and hike.

We left Lake Thunderbird a little before 4:00 because Elise was exhausted. She slept most of the way home and decided she wanted Chick fil A for dinner. I had told her she could pick whatever she wanted for dinner. I called Ty to see if he wanted to meet us there since we'd be eating in Tulsa as Elise was still asleep 15 minutes out. Carter had to use the restroom so we stopped at a gas station. Elise was still asleep and when I pulled her out of her seat I discovered she had pottied in her sleep. She cried and had a hard time because she was wet and tired. I got her changed and held her for a while talking to her until she calmed down. Then we were able to meet Ty at the restaurant. Due to our stop he had to wait for us but didn't mind. Normally at Chick fil A I get a 6 piece kids meal and have the kids share but since it was Elise's birthday we let them each get their own meals. They both ate all their nuggets and everything in their fruit cups but a few apple slices so I'm glad we did. After they were done eating I went into the play area to let them play and Ty headed home to put out all of Elise's presents. We surprised her by having her Beauty and the Beast tea cart set up and ready by the dining table. She opened her presents and was super excited. When Oma, Opa, Uncie J, and Uncie Taco arrived we sang her Happy Birthday and she blew out her candles. She loved it. She had asked for a cookie cake and I found a Groupon for 50% off a cookie cake from Great American Cookies so we went all out on her cookie cake and it was delicious! Ty let Elise pick her piece of cookie first and she picked out a piece with a lot of icing. That's my girl! Before bed we did the special dropping of the confetti on the birthday girl which she loved.

I always thought it was awesome to have a birthday in the summer because it meant we were often on vacation over my birthday. It was neat that Elise's birthday fell over spring break this year. I hope that happens many more times as well! Happy Birthday, Elise Kay!!!! Such a sweet 3 year old girl!