Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Carter getting a haircut from Gma.
Carter stacked all his stuffed animals up during his nap.
New Christmas jammies from Oma and Opa!
Showing off Carter's Christmas sheets.
Showing off Elise's Christmas sheets.

Christmas tree at Bass Pro.

Napping in her sweet Christmas dress.
Carter was so excited about his new Paw Patrol shoes.

Storytime at the library.

Carter got lots of jingle bells for the song.

Carter ate his fruits and veggies first, saving his mac and cheese for last. Elise did the opposite.

Elise loved the light tunnel!

Sick on his birthday but still sweet!

Elise hid behind the coloring book when she got caught coloring on the table cloth.

Wearing Christmas jammies for jammy day at school.

Elise and Wyatt having a tea party with her new toy.


  1. Gma looks happy with her grandchildren around her. At story time Carter couldn't have gotten much closer to the librarian. Very cute!