Friday, December 29, 2017

Topeka Christmas

Paul and Amanda were arriving in Topeka for Christmas on Tuesday the 19th. The only day Ty got off for Christmas was Christmas day since it fell on a Monday. He asked off for that Tuesday and Friday before Christmas. Our plan was to pick Carter up from school and leave from there so Ty took a half day on Tuesday. I found out that morning that Jake's mom had afternoon cancellations so we didn't need to pick him up. Ty and I decided to pick Carter up at lunchtime and get a head start so we could be in Topeka for dinner. I'm so glad it worked out the way it did because he had a wonderful evening with everyone. We had time to decorate the Christmas tree which Leina had planned on doing the next morning and we got to see everyone sooner. The kids were so darn cute decorating the tree! Carter and Elise liked looking through the ornaments and picking which ones they wanted to put on. Wyatt would walk over with his ornament in his hand and would set the ornament on a branch. Usually it would fall through the tree and land on the floor. It was so adorable! Both Carter and Elise were so excited to see Wyatt. Elise would walk over and kiss him on the top of his head. She was so excited to see "Baby Wyatt!"
Wyatt decorating the tree with help from Gma.
Carter putting the angel on the tree.
Wednesday morning Great Grandma and Grandpa Shupe came over for our little Christmas. They gave each of the kids a snowman that sensed movement and would light up and sing when you walked by it. It had quite the range which we later discovered when it was on the kitchen table and I walked past the kitchen doorway, causing it to turn on. Wyatt walked all over the place holding his snowman and would occasionally put the top hat in his mouth. After lunch Carter was so excited that it was time to open presents. We opened presents just Gma, Gpa, Ty, me, Paul, Amanda, and the kids. Paul and Amanda got Elise a tea set that was a huge hit. She and Wyatt sat and had a little tea party together which was just so sweet! Elise got an Ariel bath doll from her Gma and Gpa which was also a hit. She loved playing with her hair and making her sing. Carter got a Nerf gun from Paul and Amanda. Both kids got tablets from me and Ty and cases for them from Gma and Gpa. They spent a lot of time over the next few days trying out the games we had loaded on them and watching shows. Elise has watched Boss Baby over and over on hers, that's pretty much all she does when she uses it.
Elise opening her tea set.
Elise, Wyatt, and me having a tea party.
That evening we continued our tradition of chocolate making. Carter, Elise, Ty, Leina, and Rocky all wore special aprons. The kids were so cute in them and even posed for a picture wearing them. Carter and Elise got really into it this year. Carter remembered exactly what to do and just dove right in. Elise mostly ate chocolate as she worked. Paul, always one to do something different, decided to make his own version of the game Bean Boozled using the chocolates. He added random stuff such as peas, bbq sauce, and ketchup to some of his. Carter made mostly fruit chocolates. He put blueberries in his chocolates and made chocolate covered strawberries. He also made some that were just solid chocolate. Normally we set the chocolates outside and it's cold enough it makes them harden up pretty quickly. This year it wasn't too cold so it took them a while to harden. It was hard to wait on them to harden so we could eat them!
Ready for chocolate making!
Everyone in their special aprons.
Chocolate making fun!
Elise, our Messy Missy!
We did a Christmas breakfast with Gigi, Papa, Aunt Tina, and Uncle Kelly on Saturday morning before we left to head home. Carter wore his new outfit from Gma and Gpa with suspenders that was super adorable. Both the kids had a blast playing with Muffin and Elise was desperate to have Muffin sit in her lap. She kept pulling on her and trying to force her into her lap so I finally sat on the floor with her and helped her get Muffin in her lap. Gigi made the kids quiet bags and filled them with coloring books, crayons, and toys. They were a huge hit. When it was time for us to leave and Elise realized Gma wasn't coming with her she started crying so hard. It was sad but I also knew her reaction was more extreme because she was tired and it was past her naptime. She cried for a little bit in the car but then fell asleep and took a nice long nap on our drive home. We got home that evening to a little bit of snow left on the ground. We got the house in order and were ready for my parents to come on Christmas Eve the following day.
Carter in his birthday outfit from Gma and Gpa.

Ty helping Carter try out Papa's new mini-drone while Wyatt watched.

Crying because it was time to tell Gma good bye.
We came home to some snow still left on the ground, much to Carter's delight.