Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Carter excited to use his Rudolph lunch box at school since it's almost Christmas.
Elise wearing her "light up boots" that are rain boots.
Elise waiting at the door for her friend so she could hold the door open for her.
Elise doing some car yoga!
Watching the birds in the backyard.

A picture Carter's teacher took at schoo

Carter loves his new art box from my Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike.
Carter cutting out pictures in his scissor cutting book.
Elise rocking her baby.
Carter enjoying a cookie my Uncle Mike and Aunt Judy sent for his birthday.
Putting together his new Lego kit from Uncle Paul and Aunt Amanda.
Gma trying to do Elise's hair.
Elise said, "NO!"
Elise playing at Carter's birthday party.
Wearing Skye masks after Carter's birthday party.


  1. Elise is looking taller and thinner. Very cute. I like Carter teaching Elise to say Merry Christmas. And their conversation about seeing Santa was pretty funny.

    1. She is really thinning out and looking more like a big girl!