Monday, December 14, 2015

3rd Birthday Letters From Mommy and Daddy

Today is the day you were born. Three years ago today daddy and I experienced the most amazing and life changing experience imaginable. I told you that you could pick anything you wanted to do on your birthday. Being my sweet and simple boy you chose to go to the playground and invite a friend. You picked the playground right across the street from the hospital where you were born. Driving there was an interesting experience as I relived that drive 3 years ago in my mind. I imagined what your daddy and I were doing that moment 3 years ago while we played at the pkayground. I still count my lucky stars that you were born healthy and we get to be your parents for the rest of our lives. There's nothing better than a day full of conversations, cuddles, giggles, and smiles from my Carter man! Now on to the birthday letters from me and daddy!


Dear Carter,

You are 3 today! That means you have been making my life better, more fun, and more full of love for 3 whole years! I still remember so vividly seeing your tiny, little body for the first time and feeling your sweet baby skin against my skin. My love for you has transformed from an intense fear of losing you during the newborn stage to a deep desire to help you be the best friend and brother you can be. It is so rewarding to see you grow, change, and learn. In 3 years you have gone from immobile to climbing trees. You love to climb trees and are darn good at it! You've gone from cooing and crying to speaking in full sentences and asking complex questions. I am amazed at your comprehension and your curiosity.  You are a natural learner and explorer!

There has been so much I have loved about your third year. I love that you are still cuddly and want me to lay down with you at naptime. When I get up my back always has a wet spot from you slobbering on me as you suck your thumb because you have to be right up against me! I love that you are still such a big reader and have so enjoyed sitting in our reading chair reading stacks of books at a time! You are also getting so good at reading to yourself. You will read the pictures, even making up words. You can also recite the books we've read before nearly word for word. You like to read to sissy and have even told me that you've already read a book and don't want to read it again because you read it to yourself! I love taking walks and hikes with you. Hikes are your favorite and you ask for them frequently. You love taking Harper along on runs, walks, and hikes. When she goes with us on a run you watch her and laugh. When we take her on a walk or a hike you desperately want to hold her leash. I have loved watching you grow socially and learn how to make friends. You are so cute, saying things like, "Do you want to play with me?" and "What is your name?" along with "Can I play with you?" It makes me so happy that you are so good at making new friends! When you wake up you have the sweetest breath and the wildest, sweaty hair. You like to "hide under the covers" which means you pull them over your head so none of your body can be seen. You get pretty darn sweaty! You tend to sit on the arm of a chair rather than in it when you want someone to sit by you.

This year has been a big one for us as a family as we added your sister to the mix. It has been challenging for you and you still get jealous of her a lot. But above all the jealousy is an intense love. You love her so much and want to protect and take care of her. You love to make her laugh and are so proud of her accomplishments. She's working on crawling and when she's on all fours you'll say, "Almost got it sissy!" or "You can do it sissy!" So far the closest she's been to crawling was when she was trying to get to you and moved one knee forward and then the next before falling onto her belly. You grab her up to kiss her all the time. She smiles so big when she sees you getting close! You also like to feed her and to get her when she first wakes up from naps. The first little peep out of her is greeted with, "I hear sissy," followed by you running to her room. When I go to take Elise with me into a different room you will sometimes say, "But I liked having sissy here with me." I'll then leave her with you while I do what I needed, just running back in to check on you guys frequently. I'm amazed each time that you are actually sweeter to her when I'm not in the room. When I'm gone you talk to her, give her toys, share, and rub her back. When I'm in the room you have a tendency to take toys from her and get jealous when I give her attention. Just the other day I was playing peek-a-boo with her after lunch and you wanted my attention so you walked up and told me you were going to take your chalk and play in the street. You definitely know how to get attention!  I love watching you as a big brother.
Snuggling into sissy when I was pregnant.
We have this special thing we do where I'll say "Pssst, I have a secret," and you lean in close and then I whisper in your ear, "I love you!" You giggle and then say, "Psst, I love you too," into my ear in a whisper. It is the sweetest. When I ask you for a kiss it is rare that you turn me down. You pretty much always stop what you are doing, even if it's crying, to give me a kiss. You still like to be carried from time to time, usually when you first wake up and will say, "Up, please!" which is cute because it is that little bit of baby that remains. You have a huge heart and use it daily to make me and others around you happy. I look forward to this next year together!



Three years is a long time, but spending those three years with you has been a whirl wind! From the moment you were born life has never been the same and I have loved every moment of it. Every time I turn around you are a little bit older, faster, stronger and smarter. You are such a sweet boy you never cease to amaze me with your caring personality, especially towards your mother and sister.

Elise responds to you like I have never seen any baby before. You have had such an impact on her that she will smile and coo for you like no other. I love how much she loves you. You are such a great big brother and will be an excellent role model for her.

You have so many things you love to do, but man do you sure love cars. Playing cars with you is one of my favorite things to do together. You are so creative and have great ideas with how to play with them.

I am so excited to see what this year brings us and to watch you grow even more! I am sure it will be another whirl wind of a year!

Love Dad

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