Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekend started early with Ty taking a half-day off work on Thursday and a full day on Friday. Thursday after lunch we left for Ty's parents house. The big excitement was Ty's brother, Paul, and sister-in-law, Amanda, flying in from Florida Friday morning. It would be their first time meeting Elise and our first time seeing them since Christmas. We could hardly wait!

Friday morning Carter got his first haircut at a shop, going to the same place Ty got his hair cut as a child. Thankfulky Ty decided to go with us at the last minute because Elise woke up hungry and Carter got scared and didn't want to sit in the chair. He's always braver with daddy around so Ty sat down and Carter sat in his lap. After that Carter giggled and enjoyed his haircut until she got out the trimmers for his neck. He looked so handsome and grown up after his hair cut.
Big Al also helped him be brave.
After Carter's haircut he got to help Gma bake a birthday cake for his Papa and then decorate it. After that the rest of our day was spent hanging out and then family came over for dinner and homemade ice cream. Carter enjoyed watching Uncle Paul and Great Uncle Kelly play basketball as well as help add ice to the ice cream machine. We drew with chalk on the sidewalk and Elise was passed around for snuggles. The weather was beautiful and it was the perfect day to sit around outside chatting.
Paul was eating by himself because everyone else was finished and he'd been working on the ice cream. Carter saw him and asked for blueberries. The he pulled his chair over right next to Paul's. Melted my heart!
Napping with Great Aunt Netta.
More naps with Great Grandma.
Playing with Great Grandpa.
Great Grandma with both sweet babies!
Saturday was Carter's Papa's birthday party. We went over to Gigi and Papa's at 10:30 and sat around talking before his birthday lunch at noon. Ty and Kelly had smoked meats the day before and we all enjoyed them along with the sides. Carter and I took a nap together in Papa and Gigi's bed which was wonderful. I woke up to him curled into my side and drooling all down my back as he sucked his thumb in his sleep. Cake and presents were after naps. Carter had gotten Papa his favorite candy bar. When he took it to Papa he asked what it was and Carter said, "candy!" No point in opening it to find out what it was! We asked Carter how old Papa was and he said 100, he's actually 80! Then we just sat around and visited until dinner time. Carter had a blast running and playing with their little dog, Muffin. Elise got to lay on the floor playing with a rattle Ty played with as a baby all while receiving plenty of attention.
Elise enjoyed snuggles with Great Aunt Tina.
Ty took a nap on the recliner while Carter and I napped on the bed!
Sunday was a lazy day. I loved another morning of Carter having jammy time with his Gma and Great Aunt Netta which allowed me to snuggle with Elise and then go back to sleep for a bit after she nursed. We went through Gma's trunk of baby stuff she has saved and found a dress from when she was a baby. We put it on Elise for pictures and she was hilarious, pulling it up and showing off her diaper! Then I wanted to get some pictures of her holding Elise. It was so sweet. She was meant to have a granddaughter! It was another beautiful day and although the temperature reached 90 degrees the breeze made it seem cooler. We sat around outside while Carter played and eventually got sprayed with the hose by his Gma which he thought was hilarious! We were so sad to leave not knowing when we will see Paul and Amanda next. We had such a hard time leaving that we didn't get on the road until 2:30 which put Carter an hour and a half past bedtime but he was a trooper and didn't fuss at all, going right to sleep. We are already missing everyone! After Carter woke up from his nap he asked to go back to Gma and Gpa's, saying he didn't want to go home. Then at bedtime he fussed for his Uncle Paul and Aunt Amanda. If only Florida wasn't so far away!
Showing off her diaper along with Gma's dress and blanket from when she was a baby.
Elise and Carter both love their Auntie Amanda!
Snuggles with Uncle Paul.


  1. What a sweet blog post! Carter with his daddy, thumb and Big Al getting his hair cut is sweet. Then the cake turned out SO cute. And Carter going over to sit by Uncie Paul-what a sweet boy. Then Elise and Gma with the dress Gma wore, how cute. And Carter asking to go back, so sweet. I really enjoyed the post.

    1. It was all adorable! It made me wonder if you have any dresses from when you were a baby.

  2. I had a romper with long pants, but it was on a doll and I think got sold at a yard sale. You have Uncle Mike's receiving blanket. Oh, maybe not, I may have given it to Jamie when Madeline was born. My mom liked to keep things tidy, so it was hard to keep anything around. :)

    1. Oh no, it would've been so cute to get a picture of Elise in your romper. Not surprised knowing grandma though!