Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

All of us with our read noses!
Ty and Carter making cookies.
Love how she grabs hold of our shirts.

Napping in her crib.
We stopped by Uncie Taco's work and Carter wanted me to leave him there!
Oma made Carter and Elise crowns.
Carter didn't want to wear his so Opa did.
Mom enjoying the back seat of our van.
Showing off our temporary tattoos.
Meerkats are one of his favorites at the zoo.
Carter was pretending to be Cookie Monster so I dressed Elise in this onesie.

Folding laundry on a blanket while Carter played outside was a great idea!
Found a dead snake on our walk.
She goes to bed in this position.
When I wake up to feed her I find her like this!
Storytime at the park.
She slept through me taking her jammies off and putting her in a onesie while at the park.
Climbing a tree.
He said, "I panda bear!"


  1. I love the picture of Elise sleeping in the carseat with her hands under her chin! So precious! So are the pictures of Carter holding Elise. They are so sweet!

  2. The red nose picture turned out well. Elise looks so big asleep in the crib. I love Carter being a panda. :)

    1. I was cracking up about him being a panda. It's like he knows they climb trees that are too small to support them!