Thursday, June 25, 2015

Father's Day

I've been so impressed with how Ty is as the father of 2. Honestly I feel like he's an even better dad now than he was when we just had Carter to care for. I think part of it is due to me being home all day and more willing to share the kids along with the fact that with 2 kids I need to ask for help more often. Plus he knows the tricks and knows what to do. He jumps in when Elise is crying without me even having to ask. He gets up with Carter in the morning and makes him breakfast. They talk and play while Ty gets ready and even have time to read some days. I love how Ty and Carter's relationship has grown, especially in the last year. One day we were driving in the car and Carter randomly said, "I miss daddy." It melted me. One morning Carter asked for eggs and I went to make them for him only to be informed that daddy makes eggs. I told him I could make them too but he decided on something different for breakfast. The saddest are the days when Carter sleeps late and wakes up after Ty's left for work. It breaks my heart to see his disappointment when he realizes daddy is gone.

I'd like to share a couple things Ty's said lately that made my heart swell with the love I have for him as a daddy before I get into what our day looked like. You know how when babies are really young they cry but don't have tears? Well Elise had just started having tears when she cried. I was with Carter and Ty was juggling Elise while doing something in the kitchen. I asked him a question and he turned to me in exasperation saying, "I have actual tears here!" I could tell it killed him our baby girl was crying and releasing tears. Then one night as we were getting ready for bed Ty pulled a matchbox car out from under the covers and said, "I'm going to miss finding random toys in the bed and pulling them out before going to sleep when the kids are older." That one actually brought tears to my eyes. I have always loved the man Ty is and I love the father he has become. He is so selfless, loving, and fiercely loyal. There are so many times I find myself looking at him and learning from his example. Taking notes on how to be a constant supporter. He never makes me feel worse about something I already feel badly about. I know when I've made a mistake with the kids he won't put me down. He'll look in my eyes, see how terrible I feel and say he knows it won't happen again. I love him for that and so much more.
Bat kisses

Our morning started with a daddy/Cater date which ended with doughnuts for everyone as they brought some back for me. Then we all headed out to do our grocery shopping for the following week. We were in hustle mode as my parents were on their way for the day and we wanted to get shopping in before they made it. At one point we realized we forgot to get something on the other side of the store so I speed walked back to get it while Ty continued on to pet food with the cart. I laughed thinking, isn't that what Father's Day is all about? Grocery shopping by yourself with both kids in the cart.

We quickly unloaded groceries when we got home and headed out to meet my parents for lunch. They let Ty pick and he chose a new sandwich shop near us. My dad was so excited to see his kids and grandkids which was why he chose to drive up and back in one day. He wanted to be with everyone on Father's Day. Thomas was in Florida so we facetimed him when we got home. After Carter's nap we snuck around making a treat for the dads. Then Ty and dad opened presents and Carter served spinach muffins as a snack. I had asked him what treat he wanted to make daddy and he said green muffins. My dad picked dinner which resulted in Five Guys hamburgers and then it was bath and bed for Carter. Once he was down we played a new game my dad received as a present. At one point my dad joked Ty was 2/3 the dad he was which I thought was funny! I told him we could be working on that last third and he was quick to back pedal! My parents left for home around 10:00 and we headed for bed. It was a wonderful day and I felt we were successful in making our dads feel loved!
Ty reading his book from Elise "Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA".
Opa enjoying time with Elise.
Carter loved the peanuts at Five Guys!

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