Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

There were some pictures from Wetland Wonders on our good camera I hadn't uploaded yet and found this week.
Carter looking at a turtle.
Carter and Elise with their library medals from the good camera.
She was getting ready to sneeze.

Sissy was crying so Carter rushed to her side and held her hand.
This melts me every time!
Then he wanted to hold her.
And kiss her!
Carter wanted his own umbrella.
Elise playing cars with us.
Elise with her 2 best buddies!
She loves this onesie because she can play with the lace.
And use it as a pacifier!
I crack up every time Ty puts Carter in his jammies because he tucks his pants into his socks!
Some of the pictures Carter took with my phone.
Using his binoculars from Aunt Tina to look out the back window.
Talking with Oma.
Sticking her tongue out at Opa.
Wake up and smell the flowers!
He was upset I wouldn't let him wear these shoes to the park!
He finally let it go when I explained I don't wear them to the park because it's too hard to play.
Enjoying the police car at a library program.
Putting on a puppet show for Elise.
She was a wonderful audience!
The calm after the storm!
Another picture Carter took.  I love that his foot is in it.  I don't love that his foot is so big it's the size of Elise's torso!
Ready for family movie night which we did again this week, Carter picked Dumbo.
Elise was crying so Harper swooped in...
And calmed Elise down.  Elise had her hand wrapped in Harper's fur.
Watching part of Dumbo while I made dinner.  We finished the rest after dinner.


  1. Carter is so used to medals he told me he liked my medal (my necklace). They are really cute together, and Elise is lucky to have Carter and Elise to take care of her and entertain her. Very cute pictures and stories.

    1. That's so funny he complimented your necklace as a medal! He's a hoot!