Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Swinging together.
Carter took his books over by Elise so he could read next to her.
Reading to himself while I brushed my teeth.
I only let her sleep on her stomach when I'm sitting right next to her so I can listen to her breathe.
Enjoying free donuts for National Donut Day!
Feeding sissy on a daddy night while I was volunteering at an LEMF fundraiser.
All dressed up for her first appearance at a baby shower.
Enjoying the baby shower.
Of course she needed a clothing change before we got a picture with the soon-to-be momma!
Carter watching a "letter song".
Carter kissing Elise.
Carter ready for his first movie at a movie theater.
He lasted 30 minutes before asking to go home.
Luckily it was only $1!
Elise slept through the part of the movie we were there for.
Randomly decided to wear Papa's hat.
Watching a video of his cousin, Madeline, dancing.
Carter wanted Elise to ride with him.
I love her smiles!
My naptime buddies!
Coloring in the bathroom while I finished getting ready.
Ready for a night with his uncies while Ty and I went to a concert.
Waiting for the doors to open for the Ben Harper concert!
We were right up against the gate, as close as you could get!
Carter wanted to take a picture of sissy.  I love that she flashed him such a good smile!
Another picture taken by Carter.
Kisses for sissy.
He'd say "bee doo" and poke her nose.  So cute!
Baby monkey and mommy monkey.
Watching Carter play.
Carter made some new friends.
Watching a video to find out more about a huge park being built in our town.


  1. Elise is getting so close to laughing and rolling over. It's funny to see Carter try to keep from rolling her, but he can't help himself. She smiled big for Ty. She was smiling big for Carter's kiss in the one picture. And, I can't believe how close you were to the stage at the concert!

    1. She sure loves her daddy and brother! We were so close that when he passed out some stuff at the end of the concert it was a girl next to me and a guy a couple people over!

  2. I can't believe how big Elise is getting! Also, girl clothes look like a lot of fun!

    1. Oh my gosh, so much fun! Although I also love putting her in Carter's old clothes and reminiscing about him wearing them.