Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Day in Our Lives: Jake Edition

My blog friend Sarah wrote a day in the life post on Monday and it reminded me that I have been meaning to write a post about a day when Jake comes because our day is different with Jake than it normally is with just us.  Now that Jake's over a year old he's starting to adjust his schedule and is on pretty much the same schedule as Carter for the most part.  He used to arrive at our house, eat breakfast, and then go down for a morning nap.  Then his afternoon nap was about an hour later than Carter's and quite a bit shorter.  It's so nice having them on the same schedule because they have more time to play together in the morning.  I wrote this post on a Tuesday.  It happened to be my mom's birthday, January 20th!

6:30- Carter is awake and calling for me. I get up to go to the bathroom and Ty heads in to get Carter.  He brings Carter to bed with us for some morning snuggles before starting the day.  Carter and I have gotten in the habit of snuggling in the morning and even reading a few books in bed before getting up because it's hard for me to get my pregnant booty out of bed!

6:45- Ty gets up and gets in the shower.  Carter and I lay for a bit longer.  We eventually turn on the light and Elise starts moving around so I tell Carter.  He starts watching my belly for "Dister Eese".  I ask him if he wants to feel her and he says yes and puts his hand on my belly.  Just like usual when I try to move his hand to where she's at so he can feel her, he pulls it off and tells me no.  I'm pretty sure he still hasn't felt her move, although he has seen her move.  Ty gets out of the shower and Carter and I get out of bed.  I make the bed while Carter runs up and down the hall, excited for "cakes" or pancakes for breakfast.  Lately I've been staying in bed with Carter while Ty showers.  Then Ty gets Carter after he's showered and dressed.  He'll feed Carter breakfast and wake me up when he leaves.  Today I need to get up so I can run and vacuum before Jake arrives.

7:00- When I head into the kitchen Carter's eating his left over pancakes while Ty makes his own breakfast.  I clean up the kitchen, feed the animals, do dishes, and make my breakfast.  Ty leaves for work at 7:20.  Carter finishes his breakfast before I sit down to eat mine so he colors and then plays with puzzles while I eat.  When I'm finished eating I get down on the floor to do puzzles with Carter.  Then we head in to brush our teeth and get dressed.  I get distracted and fold laundry as I look through the clean basket of laundry for running clothes.  While I'm folding laundry Carter starts calling for Harper.  Normally she ignores him and I eventually call her so she'll come.  Today she comes when Carter calls her for the first time ever!  It turns out he just wanted her to come in so he could put one of Ty's baseball caps on her head.  I'm sure she regretted her decision.
Harper wearing the baseball cap.
8:20- We head out to run.  Normally we run from trails about 10 minutes from our house and then Carter plays at the playground.  Since we don't have as much time, we just run from home.  It seems like a waste to drive all the way there without Carter getting the chance to play at the playground.  We were going to take Harper with us, but I couldn't find her leash.  She stayed the weekend with Thomas, so he may still have her leash.  I'm feeling a bit sore and achy so we just run out a mile and head home for a total of 2 miles.  I hop in the shower and let Carter have the run of the house while I do.  I used to shut Harper out of our room and shut Carter in while I showered, but I started letting him run the house about a month ago.  Typically he starts off playing at the train table and then comes into our room with books or cars so we can see each other.  If he does play outside our room, I call him periodically to check in with me and he always comes running.  After my shower I get dressed.  Then I vacuum while Carter follows me from room to room, playing with different things in the room.  He tends to choose to play with things I moved to get off the floor so I could vacuum and then puts them back on the floor.  It's getting harder to bend over and pick things up, so that makes my job interesting!  Then I fold laundry while Carter plays with cars.  I finally get Carter dressed after changing his diaper.  I've gotten into the habit of letting him stay in his jammies for a while in the morning since it's been cold in the mornings.  For the first time in months Carter wants to wear his shoes, not his boots!  While we wait for Jake to arrive Carter and I read some books.
Carter played with cars on our bed while I showered.
10:00- Much to Carter's excitement Jake arrives. They immediately start playing with cars and as Jake pushes a car around while crawling on the floor, Carter follows behind him to make a train. Jake starts getting fussy and acting hungry so I get him yogurt for a snack. Of course Carter wants a snack too and actually gets his own yogurt out of the fridge, even grabbing one for me, so both boys sit down to eat yogurt.
Playing train while pushing cars.
Enjoying a yogurt snack.
11:00- We pack up and leave for the library.  This week has been really warm and it's already up to 48 degrees so I put both boys in jackets and put blankets in the wagon for them.  Carter wants to walk which means he'll most likely walk to the library and then want to ride back home so he can read books in the wagon.  I pack all the books into a back pack so I can wear it on the way home, but stick it in the wagon with Jake for the ride there.  Carter is always so good about holding my hand when we cross streets and making sure to stay on the side of me that is away from the road so I'm between him and cars passing by.  It's so nice he does that so I can allow him to walk.  We always stop and look at the fire trucks as we pass the fire station.  As we do a fire truck drives by and sees us so they turn on their lights and honk.  Carter gets so excited he starts running down the sidewalk after the fire truck.  I swear the fire fighters at the station by our house are the nicest I've ever met!  Both boys are very well behaved at the library.  I'm always holding my breath just a little that one of them will be really loud because you know kids never behave as well when they are together!  Carter helps me return the books, pick out new books, pick up our requested books, and check out.  Jake rides along in the wagon while we do all this.  I put the paper books in my back pack and give the boys all the board books to look at on the way home.
Riding home from the library.
12:00- I start making lunch while Carter and Jake play in the playroom.  I'm absolutely loving the playroom being set up how it is!  Jake's mom packs food for him when he comes, so his lunch is the easiest.  I get him started eating first because he takes the longest to eat.  Carter and I are both having leftover chicken Ty's mom sent home with us this weekend.  I heat up green beans to go with it and cut up an avocado for Carter and peel an orange for myself.  When Carter is finished eating he goes over to Jake in his high chair.  He loves to play peek-a-boo with Jake and make him laugh.  He also loves that Jake will feed some of the food off his tray directly into Carter's mouth.  They are quite the pair together and I laugh at them the entire time I'm cleaning up from lunch.  I know Carter has pooped because he walks over to Jake and starts laughing while saying, "Ewww, Jake, poopy!"  He starts trying to convince me Jake has pooped before I've even noticed a poop smell.  He is quite the trickster!
Coloring while I make lunch.
12:30- I change Jake's diaper and lay him down for a nap.  I'm not surprised to find that he is just wet.  Then I take Carter in to change his diaper to find a diaper full of poop.  I clean his diaper out in the toilet, throw it in the diaper pail in our laundry room, and carry Carter in to bed.  He lays down and I hand him his 3 favorite buddies: Buddy, Big Al, and Elmo.  Then I tell him I love him and leave the room.  He's asleep a little bit before 1:00.  After Carter lays down Jake starts fussing in the Pack N Play in our room so I go in to check on him.  He's really tired and just wants to see me so I sit in the doorway typing this blog on my phone while he puts himself to sleep.

1:45- I sit down on the couch to work on the computer.  I finish up working on a couple blog posts I've had going.  Then I prepare materials for tutoring that evening.  At 2:30 Jake is fussing again which is totally out of character for him, he is normally so easy at nap time!  I go sit in the doorway and fold laundry to help him fall back to sleep.  Once he's back to sleep I straighten my hair.

3:00- Jake is awake so I go in to get him.  While I'm getting him up I hear Carter calling for Jake from his room.  I go get Carter and he immediately runs into our bedroom where Jake's Pack N Play is set up so he can see him.  I change diapers and then Carter wants to go outside.  It's in the 50's so I'm all about taking advantage of the weather.  Jake is hungry so after putting jackets on everyone, I take the high chair outside so Jake can watch Carter play as he eats his snack.
Carter trying to sit in Jake's lap.
3:45- We head outside to play.  Jake eats his snack while Carter plays with his toy kitchen.  Then Carter starts running laps around the backyard while Jake and I clap and cheer for him.  Every time Carter runs by the high chair he looks up at Jake and Jake laughs.  It is so cute!  When Jake is finished with his snack we swing for a while and then head up into the fort.  Carter and Jake take turns with the wheel and Harper even comes up to join in on the fun.
Jake enjoying his snack outside.
Playing in the fort.  At one point they were both standing on the stool.
4:30- Jake's dad arrives to pick him up.  He texts me since we're in the backyard.  I carefully climb down the ladder of the fort with Jake which is no easy feat with my expanding midsection.  Carter goes down the slide and we head in to let Jake's dad in the front door.  I need to leave soon for tutoring so I gather all of my things and change Carter's diaper again.

4:45- Jeremy comes over to watch Carter while I tutor.  We meet him outside because the library I tutor at is 15 minutes away and I don't want to be late.  Carter runs to him screeching with excitement.  I give Carter a kiss and as I drive away he smiles and waves good bye.  I park beside the car of my tutoring student's mom and we head into the library together.  We work on reading for the first 30 minutes and math for the second 30 minutes.  The library closes at 6:00 and we head outside with the boy's dad who picked him up today.  We chat about football with the Super Bowl coming up this weekend for a few minutes and then head our separate ways.  I call Ty on the way home and he says he is also headed home.

6:20- I get home a few minutes after Ty.  Thomas came over for dinner and to play with Carter since Jeremy babysat.  We have leftover sweet and sour chicken Ty made the other night along with rice, salads, broccoli, apple sauce, and cottage cheese.  After dinner we try facetiming my mom since it's her birthday and we're all together.  She doesn't answer, most likely because she is celebrating, so we record a video singing her Happy Birthday.  I start a load of diapers while Ty starts Carter's bath.  As I put Carter's jammies on I realize we forgot to take the bumpdate pictures.  I'm so tired and the thought of changing clothes sounds like so much work, but Ty says he'll help me get everything ready.  He erases the chalkboard and writes the new week on it while I change and then we quickly take the pictures.
Getting set up for our bumpdate photo.
8:00- I take Carter in to say night night to his uncies and then lay him down in bed.  We watch the State of Union address while I add the bumpdate pictures and then publish my post.  Thomas heads home shortly after.  Jeremy, Ty, and I watch the first episode of this season of Parks and Rec that we missed last week.  We all chat for a while and then Jeremy heads home a little bit before 10:00.  Ty and I start getting ready for bed, but end up laying in bed talking for a while and don't go to sleep until 11:00.  Every night we say that's the night we're going to bed early but it never seems to happen.  One of these days we'll be in bed before 10:30!


  1. Carter was so proud Harper came that's all he could tell me when you called after that. Is she still doing it? Zuma would, but I'm not sure he wants such a big dog coming to him. :) Very cute post. I like the way the boys play together. I bet Jake loves being able to feed a "big boy".