Saturday, June 15, 2019

What the Kids Say About Their Gpa

I always enjoy what the kids say in their questionnaires. With Father's Day this weekend I asked the kids questions about the dads in their lives. Read what the kids said about their Gpa last year here and what Carter said about his Gpa in 2017 here. This is what they said about their Gpa in 2019 at 6.5 years old (Carter) and just over 4 years old (Elise).

What is something Gpa always says to you?

Carter: Hi, Carter! 

Elise: Happy words.

What makes your Gpa happy?

Carter: Playing with him. 

Elise: Happy stuff like I kiss him and hug him.

What makes your Gpa sad?

Carter: When I don't play with him. 

Elise: Mean stuff, when I don't give him kisses and a hugs.

How does your Gpa make you laugh?

Carter: Tickle me. 

Elise: Happy, like anything.

What was your Gpa like as a child?

Carter: He had the same type of hair as me. 

Elise: He likes balls.

How old is your Gpa?

Carter: 60

Elise: 5teen maybe.

How tall is your Gpa?

Carter: 16 inches

Elise: 5

What is your Gpa's favorite thing to do?

Carter: Play with me. 

Elise: Go to the museum and go to the hotel.

What does your Gpa do when you're not around?

Carter: He plays with Gma.

Elise: Do stuff with his girl, like do stuff with Gma.

If your Gpa becomes famous, what will it be for?

Carter: Retiring

Elise: On a basketball.

What is your Gpa really good at?

Carter: Playing with me.

Elise: Rocking

What is your Gpa not very good at?

Carter: Mowing the lawn.

Elise: I don't know.

What does your Gpa do for a job?

Carter: Playing because he's retired.

Elise: Do the chores.

What is your Gpa's favorite food?

Carter: Pizza

Elise: Broccoli

What makes you proud of your Gpa?

Carter: When he wins a game.

Elise: Happy

If your Gpa were a character who would he be?

Carter: Curious George because he's goofy.

Elise: I don't know.

What do you and your Gpa do together?

Carter: Play, play with cars. 

Elise: Swing, we swing.

How are you and your Gpa the same?

Carter: We're both smart. 

Elise: Because we have the same skin.

How are you and your Gpa different?

Carter: We're not the same tall.

Elise: Because we don't have the same hair.

How do you know your Gpa loves you?

Carter: Just because.

Elise: Because I just know he loves me.

What does your Gpa like most about you?

Carter: Playing

Elise: That I'm happy.

Where is your Gpa's favorite place to go?

Carter: To McAlister's

Elise: McAlister's

How old was your Gpa when you were born?

Carter: 15

Elise: 15

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