Thursday, June 13, 2019

What the Kids Say About Opa

I always enjoy what the kids say in their questionnaires. With Father's Day this weekend I asked the kids questions about the dads in their lives. Read the kids' answers about their Opa from last year here and Carter's answers from 2017 here. This is what they said about their Opa in 2019 at 6.5 years old (Carter) and just over 4 years old (Elise).

What is something Opa always says to you?
Carter: Hi, Carter!
Elise: I love you. 

What makes your Opa happy?
Carter: By giving him hugs.
Elise: Tessie and hearts. 

What makes your Opa sad?

Carter: By not hugging him.
Elise: Hitting and punching. 

How does your Opa make you laugh?

Carter: His nose gets shut in the door and his fingers get shut in the door. (When we get in the car, he pretends the sliding door shut on him). 
Elise: Basketball and I don't win and I toot. 

What was your Opa like as a child?

Carter: I don't know.
Elise: He was 5. 

How old is your Opa?

Carter: 15
Elise: 16, 17 

How tall is your Opa?

Carter: 6 inches
Elise: 5 like his bike and his bike is maybe 5. 

What is your Opa's favorite thing to do?

Carter: Play with me and play Zuma.
Elise: Play with me and have fun!

What does your Opa do when you're not around?

Carter: He has fun with Oma.
Elise: Colors with Oma. 

If your Opa becomes famous, what will it be for?

Carter: His work.
Elise: Juggling, he would be famous as that. 

What is your Opa really good at?
Carter: Being funny.
Elise: Helping and having stinky toots. 

What is your Opa not very good at?

Carter: Playing tag.
Elise: On a ball with his one foot and a ball is on his head and the balls jiggle. 

What does your Opa do for a job?

Carter: He works at a school, he teaches college.
Elise: Do dishes. 

What is your Opa's favorite food?

Carter: Hamburger
Elise: Flamingos, chocolate 

What makes you proud of your Opa?
Carter: Winning a game.
Elise: Gymnastics 

If your Opa were a character who would he be?

Carter: Bob the Builder, the Magic School Bus teacher because he's a teacher.
Elise: Owlette to fly! 

What do you and your Opa do together?

Carter: Play
Elise: Spend time with him. 

How are you and your Opa the same?
Carter: We're both funny.
Elise: Why are we the same? We like to play basketball. 

How are you and your Opa different?
Carter: We don't have the same colored hair.
Elise: Because we don't have the same hair and we don't have the same clothes and shoes and heads.  

How do you know your Opa loves you?
Carter: Because I just know it.
Elise: Because we both love him. And I just know he loves me. 

What does your Opa like most about you?
Carter: My hugs.
Elise: Hugs, kisses, poops. 

Where is your Opa's favorite place to go?
Carter: The ice cream place.
Elise: Flamingo place

How old was your Opa when you were born?
Carter: 18 
Elise: 15, 5, 16